Am I'm gonna be screwed without knowing people to play with

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  3. Am I'm gonna be screwed without knowing people to play with

User Info: EZXSniperZzz

4 years ago#11
As long as you can boot whoever you want, you'll be okay.

IDK if that's a feature though...
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User Info: Cat Astrophy

Cat Astrophy
4 years ago#12
Gearbox failed to implement the personal loot system (one of the few redeeming qualities from D3) so public play is out of the question.

Playing with friends works but I really wish they found a way to make 4 players local work.

User Info: bnui_ransder

4 years ago#13
When it comes out, I plan on adding a couple of you here. There is sort of a small community forming, and we can work out who is a good player or not from there.

And with the loot, I usually only take what my class can use, instead of those guys who open it and go MINE MINE MINE

User Info: Saq02

4 years ago#14
The last time I played on Borderlands, it seemed pretty friendly among the other guys, but then when they finally typed to us and it came up on screen, it was all in a different language. I'd rather play with people who are capable of speaking english so we can communicate directions and point people to loot they may have rushed past.

As for communicating with a player with an aggressive attitude, I tend to shut up and just enjoy a silent multiplayer experience.
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User Info: durico327

4 years ago#15
This is partially a shameless plug, but a couple topics down a bunch of people have started friending one another over steam and it seems like really good group. If you're looking for some non-rando's you should check it out.

User Info: xfactor1027

4 years ago#16
im on steam im pretty cool. lol steam : XfactorXP
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  3. Am I'm gonna be screwed without knowing people to play with

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