'Medical Mystery' mission -- Keep E-Tech gun?

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User Info: thedvs02

5 years ago#1
** Very minor spoilers **

The mission where Dr. Zed tasks you to kill Dr. Mercy in Three Horns Valley.


Are you supposed to be able to keep the E-Tech gun that you receive during the mission? I collected it, killed the 25 bandits, and was able to keep the gun.

Before turning in to complete the mission, I started on the 'Symbiosis' mission, all the while still using the E-Tech combat rifle. Then my PC crashed -- something that's been happening a lot with BL2 - talking hard freezes and/or BSODs - and I haven't been able to rule out whether it's software, hardware, or third party gamepad related (I use MotionInJoy software with a PS3 controller to emulate an X360 controller).

I restarted the game and upon returning the E-Tech rifle was no longer equipped or in my inventory.

Am I supposed to be able to keep this weapon, or is it the fault of the computer crash that it's no longer available?

User Info: the_rowan

5 years ago#2
I don't know what's intended, but I lost mine and instead got another (presumably random) E-Tech gun when I turned in the mission. Actually, I might have lost the quest gun before that... I wasn't paying attention because the gun was way too ammo-hungry.
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User Info: OmniNakago

5 years ago#3
It has a star next to it, so it should have disappeared from your inventory after completing the quest. Mine did.
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User Info: thedvs02

5 years ago#4
Yeah, I got an E-Tech as a mission reward as well, but it was a pistol.

The assault rifle that was mission specific was pretty badass, though -- too bad it was only temporary. Good to know that it was indeed mission specific though, and that I didn't lose it to a glitch.

Side-note: May have possibly fixed my stability issues by downgrading my gamepad software (MotionInJoy) to a earlier version. Only time will tell, though. I thought at first the issue was my CPU overclock, but even after reverting to stock speeds I still encountered problems.

Most troubling is that a brand new PS3 controller that I just bought was causing crashes very quickly, but an older PS3 controller is far more stable. So many variables when troubleshooting... having just returned to PC gaming it's been a while since I've had to worry about any of this stuff.
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  3. 'Medical Mystery' mission -- Keep E-Tech gun?

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