Rescuing Roland

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User Info: ShaftAlmighty

5 years ago#1
The long as hell quest where you rescue Roland only for him to be taken by mechs, forcing you to go through what seemed to me a damned insane gauntlet.

There were so many enemies coming out of the woodworks that i was running on empty and couldn't even find a window to grab ammo from boxes. At some point, i just decided to run to the end and barely made it only to face a boss that spit out repair mechs and badass mechs.

To me, it just seemed absurd.
Oh goodie, cuz things weren't bad enough!

User Info: SoaringBlizzard

5 years ago#2
bear with it, i find it great that they added difficulty to the game.

also, if you cant beat them yet, grind a bit, get more eridium to upgrade your ammo count then try again, patience is key.

User Info: Leanaunfurled

5 years ago#3
I had two fire weapons and one shock-dealing shotgun. So I pretty much did all of that quest with just the shotgun lol. It wasn't too bad though, hardest part was the boss.

User Info: oooooooo_toasty

5 years ago#4
I had a pretty badass shotgun, but the star, was by far, my 1192 damage corrosive rocket launcher. 1hko in a large area? 1hko in a large area!
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User Info: cheezzhead

5 years ago#5
Might not be the intended way, but I rushed through the entire map because I actually expected there to be a timer on rescuing him. About halfway I realised this wasn't the case but by then I thought 'what the hell' and continued sprinting. Killed the last few loaders before reaching roland, then took out the machines there and I was done.

User Info: Marley237

5 years ago#6
I spent a lot of time doing optional quests at lower levels so I was level 16 by the time I saved Roland. I solo'd it easily.
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User Info: michaelsoftman

5 years ago#7
Get corrosive weapons (and an electric for shields).

I had a corrosive sniper than would 1 shot the regular loaders if you hit a crit area and blew their joint off.
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User Info: Deltawar

5 years ago#8
I got stuck & was around level 12 so teamed up with some people online & completed it.

Fire damage sniper rifle that I found came in handy, two shots to kill the mechs & 600 damage a shot on the main boss.
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User Info: ShaftAlmighty

5 years ago#9
Decided to attempt the quest again and found out that, apparently, i completed the 'Dam'd quest' and i continued on. Wow, am i an inept 'special kid' because, not only did i finish the next quest, but i also found Tundra Express, another area to farm XP.

I was all pumped and determined to conquer 'The Dam' but it was all for naught. Thanks anyways to the fellas who gave advice.And a pox upon all those who neglected my cry for help.
Oh goodie, cuz things weren't bad enough!

User Info: Fade2black001

5 years ago#10
I think I spent like 2 hours on this quest. Along with so many deaths as well.
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