Black Hole Nova Sheild!!

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User Info: SoldierXCell

5 years ago#1
The side quest where you kill the foreman in opportunity (cant remember quest name) its a side quest. His shield black hole lots of recharge rate releases nova blast when depleted, God i love this shield.

User Info: Rising_Angel98

5 years ago#2
What kinda nova blast?

User Info: Galdiuz

5 years ago#3
Using one of those as well. 1,5k shields, 4k electric damage when broken.

User Info: jmyoda10

5 years ago#4
Won't you come and wash away the rain?
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User Info: Old_Sod

5 years ago#5
Why do people on PC Platforms not post pictures of items, even when Gearbox made it so easy to do so in this game?
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User Info: Hittman57

5 years ago#6
Hang my head, drown my fear, till you all just disappear...

User Info: manmon_7

5 years ago#7
I was pretty unimpressed by it. Didn't seem much better than any other shield.
GT: manmon
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User Info: SilentHawk29

5 years ago#8
Won't you come, won't you co~me
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