A pattern in class choices between both games

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User Info: Matty_G33

5 years ago#1
Here's what things were like in Borderlands 1:

Soldier: Mostly seen as a character used when going around the game for the first time, or ones who mainly just get on with whatever they're doing.
Siren: Usually used by those wanting to abuse the hell out of the ridiculously overpowered Hellfire SMG and Phasewalk healing.
Hunter: Everyone else, usually a buzzkiller or somebody who makes crappy montages.
Berserker: Nobody plays Brick.

Borderlands 2 seems to be taking a similar pattern:

Commando: Again, seems to be a popular first pick.
Siren: Somebody will probably find something overpowered about Maya and then it'll catch on like wildfire.
Assassin: Do I really need to explain this?
Gunzerker: Doesn't seem to be as common as the other classes, but at least is more popular than the Berserker ever was since Sal is actually decent.

When Gaige gets released, there's no question that everyone will pick her until a month or two later.

Not complaining or anything, just something that I noticed.
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User Info: Pijinz

5 years ago#2
Mordecai with a Firehawk or Defiler was quite comparable for damage. Even Roland had some good legendaries e.g. Draco (easy to miss as it was bugged) or Crux for Lance (the corrosive one; think that was bugged too come to think of it). The thing with the SMGs was that even the blues and purples were OP (Anarchies in particular), so you could walk the game with quite common drops.

The specials were way more unbalanced. Lilith was outright exploitative.

And yeah, Brick was rubbish.

User Info: AlleRacing

5 years ago#3
Between Payback, Revenge and Master Blaster, Brick was pretty damn powerful.

User Info: Ralta

5 years ago#4
Brick wasn't terribad, the problem was that he took a long time to get to a point where he was comparable to the other classes.

I was a Hunter in Borderlands 1 and I kinda resent the whole 'buzzkiller and montage-maker' sentiment. I was a heavy team-player and used to run friends through Eridian Promontory over and over again. I was also the only one who shared all my loot (which I often resented because I would give away the legendaries and cyan gear).

This time around, I was stuck between Commando and Assassin. I was originally going to play as Assassin, but after watching a lot of gameplay, I decided on Commando. I only ever made one Soldier character in Borderlands 1, which I didn't enjoy as much as the Hunter / Siren classes.
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User Info: element_zero

5 years ago#5
Siren in BL1
Siren in BL2

Why? I didn't even know that she was considered OP in BL1 when I picked her. Was just the character that was most appealing to me skillset-wise and visually.

Don't even care for OPness or not, I always pick characters that just appeal to me.

And most likely... will pick Siren in BL3 as well if there is one
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User Info: Ninjero

5 years ago#6
Matty_G33 posted...
When Gaige gets released, there's no question that everyone will pick her until a month or two later.

Not complaining or anything, just something that I noticed.

Paladin - Roland
Amazon - Axton
Rogue - Mordecai
Sorceress - Lilith
Wizard - Maya
Barbarian - Brick/Sal
Assassin - Zer0
Druid - Gauge
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User Info: AvatarofCabal

5 years ago#7
I played each character up till sanctuary and have gone from there. At that point my favorite was Maya but pretty much just because the bonus to elemental chance. Since then I've been playing them all 10 levels at a time and quite frankly it all really depends on the gear. Hell, I rarely even use skills.

User Info: psozeldaphreak

5 years ago#8
Mordecai was ridiculously OP in BL1, Trespass on a masher Unforgiven would 1shot just about anything.
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User Info: GodTaz

5 years ago#9
I was going to make the standard RPG class comparison too. They're pretty similar archetypes and people like them for the same reasons.

Axton/Roland = Warrior, more or less your standard, versatile pick. A lot of people will think they're boring/lame at a glance, but it's exactly their versatility that makes them cool.

Maya/Lilith = Mage, power over elements and pretty much the go-to for people who just want to **** **** up in the most wonderfully explodey fashion possible.

Zer0/Mordecai = Thief, the fast or sneaky, excels at assassination, the go-to for people who enjoy a more "subtle" badassery, clean kills in the form of huge crits and backstabs.


and then yeah, Gaige will be our druid/necromancer/summoner, for the kinda guys who like their minions/indirect combat. [Although everyone will use her once she's out just because she'll be new, and they paid for her in a sense, but that's kind of irrelevant to the topic.]
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