What's the point of a gun that explodes when you're reloading it?

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User Info: Marikhen

5 years ago#31
Got'cha. Reflexive action borne from hundreds or thousands of hours of FPS gaming = idiocy. Try the other one, it's got bells on it. ;-)

Seriously though, since you missed my whole point I'll be obvious about it. Many people reflexively reload any chance they get. Tediore weapons really, really f*** with that. Having half a magazine/barrel/whatever in your gun is a nagging nuisance for lots of people as well which is just another impetus to reload whenever you can. On top of that the "Tediore Toss" can be a pain in the ass to get down pat, especially with moving targets at any great distance, which results in you hitting walls or other objects more often than enemies until you get a great deal of practice in with it and make it reflexive. Unfortunately making it reflexive will take much more work than the people who tend to avoid Tediore weapons from the start because of the annoying reload mechanics.

None of which makes those people idiots, terrible, or sad. If you can get it down pat and catch yourself when using Tediore guns but reload whenever possible with other weapons bully for you, but it's not something everyone can, or really wants, to do.
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User Info: Enhancer_

5 years ago#32
No no, the idiocy was your terrible "5m damage against a wall" BS, not the sentiment. The ;-) also doesn't help to make you seem any less idiotic.

User Info: sarevokmb

5 years ago#33
They are excellent. My best weapon by the end of the game was a pink Tediore SMG that would kill any regular enemy in one hit, so long as I threw it with a clip around half full.

It kind of actually broke the game. Second winds were so easy to get. It burned up ammo fast (it uses up the clip inside of the gun when you throw it), but it was worth it.
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User Info: JayFight

5 years ago#34
Marikhen posted...
Seriously though, since you missed my whole point I'll be obv......

(too long to quote the whole thing)

i agree and in fact i had this problem(and still do a little) but now when ever i have a tediore i try not to reload but every so often i'll take out an enemy with 1 or 2 shots and hit reload, it's annoying to be a veteran FPS player and use a gun that penalizes you for reloading during any lull in combat, but it is the fastest and most useful thing when in full on combat or when you're downed

i personally took the time to make a new habit for this gun and i think it's worth it, now my only question is who thought a sniper rifle with a 5 bullet clip that gets better aim after shooting all of your clip and then gets worse when you have to stop and reload was a good idea(hyperion) because thats just .....
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User Info: Kokuei05

5 years ago#35
From: viperesque | Posted: 10/1/2012 8:37:13 PM | #003
To clarify, it doesn't explode in your hands. You throw it like a grenade, and a new one materialises in your hands.

Lol. I didn't even try the gun because I thought it did this for some aoe damage around your character.

User Info: Ork_Hero

5 years ago#36
Tediore is awesome. Sometimes I just fire a single shot then reload for crazy damage against certain enemies.
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User Info: Whatsmynamedood

5 years ago#37
Did you really have to ask, TC?
A gun that explodes. When you reload it. Heck yes.
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User Info: Caanimal

5 years ago#38
I will agree that the wording could use a little work, at first I wasn't sure how they were going to work, but now that I have one they are pretty bad ass. The SMG I have doesn't do a whole lot of damage on it's own but I've taken down Badasses with one nearly full clip, THAT is pretty.... badass... if I do say so myself. I would sure love to find out the damage equation they use...

User Info: G0dSlay3r

5 years ago#39
What's the problem here?
Tediore weapons have such short "reload" times that it's really not worth even trying to reload them until you've emptied the entire clip.

You just need to THINK - "Oh, i've got a Tediore weapon in my hand. Wail away, don't reload."

Problem solved.

User Info: SilentHawk29

5 years ago#40
From: Marikhen | #031
something everyone can, or really wants, to do.

And there's your problem. You don't want to learn new mechanics so you waste the potential and then say the potential isn't there. That's like saying Zero's backstab skills are useless because you can't be half-assed enough to go for the back.
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  3. What's the point of a gun that explodes when you're reloading it?

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