Best type of shield

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User Info: Splif

5 years ago#1
High Capacity with medium to slow delay and recharge? or low capacity and very fast delay and recharge?

Which would be best for a commando, mixed between long and medium range combat?
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User Info: Darksaber310

5 years ago#2
Honestly, the low capacity instant recharge shields are just meh. They're super helpful against things that wouldn't have broken your shield anyway, and are worthless against anything with a bigger weapon.

Plus as an Axton, you can just drop a turret if you need cover to hide behind to charge your shield.
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User Info: Paradox421

5 years ago#3
Spike shields. The majority of enemies in the game are melee attackers, so having them take serious damage any time they hit you is a solid bonus.

and then you eventually get The Bee shield and nothing else really matters.
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User Info: synthetiksin

5 years ago#4
It depends on your playstyle. Whenever I play zero (midrange smg/pistol build), I opt for higher cap, high regen, and disgustingly high delay because he has a kill skill that pushes the shield regen making the delay negligible. It could be the same for axton's quick charge skill. The problem with doing this is that you have to kill stuff all the time for the shield to kick in. Also, the health reduction is mostly just translated to the shields anyway, so realistically, you are trading health for more health that regenerates all the time.

With all that said though, there are combinations that will most likely cater to your game style, especially later in the game, where all shield attributes would be really nice. Adaptive shields are also pretty good, gives health, and I've seen some with really good resistances. Personally, I avoid melee and absorbent shields.

User Info: cpg2

5 years ago#5
When I'm Axton I like the idea of absorb shields (since there's no ammo regen otherwise, and since the turret is good at minimizing the melee damage I take) but the biggest problem is there just really aren't any that are good enough to be better than some of the other options. I usually end up going with whatever high capacity shields I can find, whether it be an elemental resist one or a nova or whatever. Just go the Bee (albeit not in TVHM so it's not overwhelmingly amazing) and will probably play around with that for a bit.

Although honestly, give how much I rely on second winds, my wisest option may be to search for one that has fast regen and short delay. If you know the shield is going to break often no matter what then just go for one that will recover quickly and/or do something useful when it breaks.

User Info: Crimson681

5 years ago#6
Bee shield in TVHM at level 50 = 1hko'd by any mob that blows up, exp loaders, suicide psychos, etc. Even a high capacity shield only allows you to survive one suicide bomber. Multiple rockets from an RPG loader is fight for life no matter how many shields you got. Those are some sick, sick puppies in TVHM. In TVHM expect to be in fight for your life frequently. The best way to survive is carry a high damage launcher with you to 1hko something and then quickly retreat to cover.

User Info: Crimson681

5 years ago#7
Due to enemies spawning on top of you when you reach certain spots relying just on a sniping game isn't always going to work when you get ambushed and got mobs shooting at you from all directions. When I played Zero as a sniper, I just expected to die in those situations then I would walk back with all the mobs exposed and pick them off from a distance. I consider it a viable strategy even if it involves dying.

User Info: Fdshadow

5 years ago#8
I think adaptive shields are the best, because of their resistance to repeated attacks of the same element, the added health and average shield power makes explosion spam, the strategy used by most enemies in the endgame, easier to endure.

Alternatively, you can consider the fact you're going to go down often and just use a shield for it's effect once depleted. I prefer to kill everything instead of allowing a few to live just so I can use them to get out of FFYL.

Or just use the abusively powerful The Bee before it gets rightfully nerfed into oblivion.

User Info: JimiMorrison187

5 years ago#9
I use a shield that has the Amp ability on it when I am in areas where I can snipe. If I am going to have to switch to a shotgun, or am getting rushed I always swap for my best spike shield, or Nova if I have a better one. Sadly, my finds of spike shields has been pathetic this game so I am really sort of stuck using a Nova shield most of the time in these cases, which I think are insanely inferior due to it only being a one off bonus compared to the spike shields.

I haven't gotten far enough where the elemental and absorb shields have been of any use to me. Absorb is nice I guess if you are using Assault Rifles and SMGs a lot that shoot 3 shots each and blow through ammo. For a sniper they are rather useless as far as I can tell.

For me I just am not finding shields I like at all. I haven't found a shield with a higher shield on it for like 8 levels now and the one I have isn't even that good. I'd like to find a high capacity with spike on it that lowers my health for much higher shields, but I jhsut haven't found one that adds up to a higher total than my shields/health do now. My health right now on MAYA is higher than my shield. This is something I didn't think would ever happen. Like Lillith I assumed she would be low health and I'd have to rely on a shield.
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User Info: Airklot

5 years ago#10
I play with Zero and since enemies are always trying to rush me. I concentrate on the shields not with the highest capacity but with the highest spike with either corrosive or fire damage. I think later on in the game when the bigger enemies start to rush you corrosive is better then the fire.

Right now I am trying the elemental resistance shield to see if I like it only because it adds more health to my character though.
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