What RPG aspects would you add to this game?

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User Info: JohnMafia

4 years ago#11
I would like gun customization. Where instead of fully made guns, you get drops for magazine size, fire rates, scopes etc. The guns can drop how they are now, but you also get the mods to drop and every gun will have replaceable parts.
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User Info: jakisthe

4 years ago#12
Another skill (maybe even two) per character...but no more than that. Give us 4 trees, 2 points a level, and see how deep we can get. I think they'd be able to get some incredible stuff going...

Introduce weapon proficiencies again, but have it being bonuses...not needed to equip a gun, say, but very gradual bonuses as you kill enemies. Like kill X amount of guys with weapon Y to get a tiiiiny boost to weapon Z in some stat or another. Keep the BARs, but they'd be for more general stuff, like melee damage, grenade, etc.

Crafting. Toss guns in the grinder to randomly get one of it's parts (stock, barrel, scope, body, mag, etc), then take them to Markus for him to build a gun for you..for a fee.

Not really RPG-y, per say, but have practical reasons beyond the elemental differences; not just "this guy is now resistant to fire!"
Stuff like "oh, he has a shield, but if you manage to peg the shield itself with a bullet, it shorts out briefly" or "yes, the robot has mostly armor, but if you hit in in the right areas, you can do normal damage...and corrosive shots will clear that armor to reveal more such areas".
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User Info: G0dSlay3r

4 years ago#13
Weapon customization, similar to what they did in Darksiders 2.

Add another, very rare rank of weapons which you can further boost/customize.
Should use crafting components and Eridium as currency.

Also add the ability to choose the color layout of our favorite guns/gear in general.

This would give us the option of making our own weapons in both look and functionality and give us even more incentive to farm bosses and mini-bosses for rare components.

Also, since the customization would use both Eridium and specific components, it would make it costly enough for randomly generated weapons to still stay relevant.
You'd have a choice between using relatively easily obtainable randomly generated guns that may have stats and functionality surpassing your customized guns, or simply investing enough time to make the gun you really want.
You'd always be able to change the color scheme of any gun at any time and it would only cost you money.

User Info: Darksaber310

4 years ago#14
The problem with leveling weapons was simply that you'd get this awesome weapon that you wanted to use, but you'd have to go play with your crap weapons for hours because you didn't think you'd want to use that weapon type. By the time you were leveled up to it in weapon skill it was pretty much already vendor trash.
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User Info: mrplanktom

4 years ago#15
TheNazzaro posted...
Maybe even another mod slot that effected gravity/speed/jump

On that note, I'm a little disappointed there are no jetpacks, along with better vertical related levels/designs.

Even with just short bursts to make jumps slightly higher...maybe have it related to progress in the story so that you can jump further/higher the further on you are, making the levels start out a little complex leading to more and more complex levels, and consequently higher jumping capability, later on. Then on PT2+ you retain your max jumping/jetpack related capabilities, being able to get to secret places you may have not noticed on your first play through.

Or maybe have it as an equippable loot item with stats. Different stats could include how far it lifts you past default jump height, how long it can hold you at it's vertical limit, how much it weighs you down and slows down your run speed while it's equipped (having a separate button to "pull out" or "materialize" your jetpack and go into "jetpack mode" allowing the increased jumping/flight ability), how fast you move while in the air, how much it affects your accuracy while both equipped and while in flight, and probably many other possibilities. Higher levels obviously make them better and allow access to different vertically and even horizontally restricted areas (like a giant lava chasm just as an example).

Oh yeah, and enemies would have them too, obviously.

Anyways, that's just an idea....they were on the right track adding ladders...but they could have done a LOOOT more to make the gameplay more complex.

User Info: Wlffrsether

4 years ago#16
Weapon proficiency. Make the bonuses small enough that it doesn't feel required, but just as a nice addition. Just like badass tokens.

Some sort of crafting/salvaging system. Let you select a few properties/gun parts and let the rest be randomized. Make it expensive and require Eridium.

More customization of your character. Nothing big necessarily, but a few small doodads here and there would be nice. An ammo-belt here, some gloves there, grenades everywhere... The skin-system is a great start, but I'm a bit surprised they didn't go all out on the customization bit.

I'd love some variation on the quests/missions as well, have more choices on how you solve them and have your choices make a difference on how certain areas/storylines develop. But I don't know how this would work with the heavy focus on coop and all if people have chosen different paths and then want to play together.
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User Info: TychusFindlee

4 years ago#17
- more skills
- crafting
- more gear(add armor, melee weps, ammo mods, etc)
- weapon masteries back
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User Info: Death Durron

Death Durron
4 years ago#18
Hopefully Gearbox expand on the usage of Eridium and actually allow us to upgrade/customize weapons with it.
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User Info: AtmosOmega

4 years ago#19
Death Durron posted...
Hopefully Gearbox expand on the usage of Eridium and actually allow us to upgrade/customize weapons with it.

This. I thought part of the point of Eridium was to upgrade existing weapons into E-Tech.
It makes sense to me anyway.

Also, making personal adjustments to weapons (salvaging components/accessories like magazines, laser sights, blades, etc) would rock.
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