Monster Mash Part 3 help? *slight mission spoilers*

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User Info: Dodgeball Boy

Dodgeball Boy
4 years ago#1
I've been wandering around the Frostburn Caves looking for Zed's Abomination and I can't get it to come out. Am I missing something?
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User Info: Paradox421

4 years ago#2
it is above the cave out on a flat, frozen area. It's at the highest point of the map, I believe. (well, Firehawk lair may be higher...but you get the idea)
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User Info: Matty_G33

4 years ago#3
The abomination is above the caves. When you leave from the fast travel post, take the left and follow the path.
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User Info: Shaowstrike

4 years ago#4
It spawns next to the chest that is protected by the electrical forcefield.

User Info: kroonermanblack

4 years ago#5
If you go through the caves where the marker points, and head towards the 'outside world' it should take you to the spider ant area.

When you spin around like you're going to go back into the cave there should be the cave on the right, and this bandit looking path on the left ( steel stairwells, dumpsters, ammo containers) if you take the left road it'll take you to the abomination.
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  3. Monster Mash Part 3 help? *slight mission spoilers*

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