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Steam cloud?

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User Info: ScorpeX

5 years ago#1
What the hell is steam cloud?

I went to log in today, said something about it being out of sync...I thought it was just something to do with screenshots or whatever? I log in and I went from level 40 to level 30 and lost all my good weapons?

What the hell is this crap? Is this steam to blame or Borderlands 2, this is garbage.

Any way to get my level back?

User Info: Davel23

5 years ago#2
Steam is not to blame. Borderlands is not to blame. You are to blame. Read before you start clicking buttons.
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User Info: olafpkyou

5 years ago#3
Learn to read. Had you done so, you wouldn't have lost anything.
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User Info: ScorpeX

5 years ago#4
It didn't say what steam cloud even was, I just thought it was for screenshots.

It's really not cool that it just overwrites everything and turns a level 40 save into a level 30 save. Steam is pretty crappy if it's that easy to overwrite hours of play.

So there is no way to fix this now?

User Info: Davel23

5 years ago#5
It overwrites everything and turns a level 40 into a level 30 save IF YOU TELL IT TO. Your fault. Not Steam's.
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User Info: Osgoroth

5 years ago#6
Just to make a post that doesn't bash TC:

Steam Cloud is a function that steam has implemented for a while now (over a year) where it basically copies your saves to its servers, so you can use the same saves if you change computers.

When you got that prompt, it's because steam noticed that the saves on your computer and the saves on the steam cloud did not match. So it asks you which one you want to keep. They usually also tell you when the last time each of them were accessed. (Day-wise)

So if you played on your home computer Saturday, then you try to launch the game at work (or anywhere else) on Monday, it sees that your work save doesn't match (because you last played at work on Friday, for example). So it asks you which of your saves you want to keep. The ones from Friday, or the ones from Saturday.

You would usually choose the latest one (in this case, Saturday) since it's usually the most up to date one.


If you've only ever played at home and you got that notification anyway, it means that it failed to upload your saves at some point (probably internet connection problems, or steam servers connection problems) so it still sees that discrepancy between your saves and the ones on their servers, thus they ask you which one you want to use.

It sounds like you chose the older ones, so it rolled you back. Once you've chosen this, there is no way to "fix it". You screwed yourself over and now you have to start over from where that save was.

As others have said, pay attention to popups you are given.
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User Info: Wormeck

5 years ago#7
If Cloud gets out of sync, it gives you two options:

1. Overwrite what the Cloud has stored with the local save.
2. Overwrite the local save with what the Cloud has.

It tells you when each was last updated.

If you clicked the wrong one because you didn't bother reading it, than that sucks but no one is to blame but yourself. Steam Cloud occasionally gets out of sync but otherwise works fine.
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User Info: ScorpeX

5 years ago#8

Why should it even be out of sync, I only use one PC.

This is why I usually use Xbox, steam always a buggy p.o.s. No reason it should even ask me to overwrite such an old save for some stupid reason.

User Info: Davel23

5 years ago#9
From: ScorpeX | #008
This is why I usually use Xbox

This explains so much.
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User Info: mech gouki

mech gouki
5 years ago#10
Steam is a DRM software . Kinda like Windows. - Castlevania Strongest Characters - Skip Beat! PS2 story

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