Anyone use 4 weapon types?

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User Info: Darksaber310

5 years ago#21
My zero -
Jakobs Sniper
Conference Call

My Gaige will have -
Conference Call
Random SMG
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User Info: Minders

5 years ago#22
carlito255 posted...
Minders posted...
For quite a while my siren used
#1 Good touch
#2 Bad Touch
#3 Sniper rifle
#4 Whatever

and a SMG class mod, the good touch has such amazing accuracy when zooming that even the penalty from the classmod didn't matter.

Im level 41 and that's my exact setup. I'm not sure how I feel about those "SMG damage up, ACC down" mods though. I have a Bad Touch with a mod that increase many good skills in my Cata tree. Along with more burn damage.

I never really though about using Launchers much. Maybe I should start only on bosses though.

I suppose that depends partly on what the values on the mod is. Mine is 87+ damage and only 19- acc
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  3. Anyone use 4 weapon types?

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