i just got 15 keys after an update...

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I didn't lose anything.
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User Info: JimiMorrison187

4 years ago#12
From: glory of power metal | #011
I didn't lose anything.

Works for me...lol

I'm not worried about losing challenges since I can just do them again for free tokens. Was worried about skins a bit, but that's not that big a deal either as it doesn't impact gameplay at all.

User Info: cody4783

4 years ago#13
Everything was the same for me pre/post patch. Had 23 Keys before hand, and didn't gain any Badass points.

Never had them reset either though, so I'm not uspet about not getting anything for free.
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User Info: NeoGutsman

4 years ago#14
I still only have 5 remaining keys, but I did get ~10-15 more Badass Points. Nice!
Tis the journey, not the destination.

User Info: Exorian

4 years ago#15
Lost nothing in particular, got 10 keys on top of the 4 I was saving, and 34 unused badass tokens... Or well, were unused :D
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User Info: ferval100

4 years ago#16
Me too! Had 6 keys, now 16. Had no Badass points currently, now have 31!
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User Info: dark_surge

4 years ago#17
Just came here to ask the same question. Logged in and was told I have 10 keys. :)
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User Info: greyfox767

4 years ago#18
Had 0, got 10

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