Warrior - Intentionally not that powerful? (Obvious spoilers)

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User Info: Matty_G33

4 years ago#1
Do you think the Warrior was deliberately weaker than it was hyped up to be? - Results (68 votes)
Definitely, Jack clearly got conned by the Eridians.
16.18% (11 votes)
Sort of, though the Warrior shouldn't have been that easy to take out.
20.59% (14 votes)
Not really, Gearbox is bad at bosses.
39.71% (27 votes)
No, the Vault Hunters are meant to be that badass.
23.53% (16 votes)
This poll is now closed.
So the game pretty much hypes you up against the ALMIGHTY Warrior, with Roland saying it could have the potential that it could wipe off everything on the planet, and Jack keeps talking about awakening it over and over throught the game.

And then you hit the final boss, which is a lot more easier than fighting Badass Constructors and TVHM Saturn, or going around anywhere at the level cap really.

This leads me to the conclusion that lore-wise, the Warrior was probably not as powerful as the characters believe. Hell, that Warrior could as well be the Eridian equivalent of a tank or even a Humvee.

Just because it's locked up in a hard-to-reach vault doesn't mean the loot would be any good. With this theory, I also bet the Destroyer of Worlds was just an oversized monster that wasn't even that threatening either, only with Angel giving it an over-the-top name to make it look more fearsome to the Vault Hunters. It could have just been an almost-extinct creature that produces Eridium in mass, hence leading to the plot of this sequel.

Your thoughts?
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User Info: xfyrenx

4 years ago#2
I'm gonna go with the Gearbox bad at bosses, because, who needs the fourth wall?

In game explanation, I'd go with everyone was mistaken about the power of the Warrior. Or, it could just be that since the weapon damage was so small in BL1 compared to BL2 that it would make the Warrior a huge obstacle for the original gang, just like Wilhelm was supposed to be.
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User Info: synthetiksin

4 years ago#3
It's a game, one for a broad spectrum of different kinds of players. The warrior is sort of the right amount of difficulty. I'd be pissed if I played through the game and then all of a sudden had to face off against hyperious or terra.

User Info: manmon_7

4 years ago#4
I thought it was a fun boss. He wasn't exceptionally difficult, but the battle was exciting for me. That's a satisfactory boss, in my opinion.
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User Info: Dredj

4 years ago#5
It's a story based boss, we HAVE to be able to beat him, so they can't go making him hard like Hyperious. It's a Lore thing.

But gameplay wise, no Lore, Jack should have totally used Terramorphus instead of the Warrior, or even Hyperius, a Hyperion employee!
Eh, I don't know how I feel about it. I like the fact that the battle is "epic" rather than difficult. It makes you feel like you're really fighting some ancient beast, but like said, it's nice that it isn't so difficult that you can't beat him and give up before experiencing the end. On the other hand, The Warrior may very well be the easiest boss in the game and that's taking it a bit far.
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User Info: Bumble_

4 years ago#7
Gameplay wise, it should have been lot more challenging. Sadly this simply seems to be result of the times... Have to design most encounters so that every lamebrain can be easily successful without ending up stomping up & down in frustration :).

As for the story... Well, it seemed kinda amusing how you hear about the unstoppable Warrior during the game. Work to prevent Jack from controlling it etc. Only to find out, that all it took to squash this so called ancient Eridian superweapon, was few people using conventional weaponry :).

Clearly nobody who speaks about The Warrior actually had any idea what the hell they were talking about. I suppose Jack and all other morons simply assumed, that since it's something the "Ancient alien civilization" (Woo!) locked away, it just HAS to be uber :).

So... Don't think Jack was conned by the Eridians. He was simply imbecile, who made plans without actually knowing, if The Warrior would even be powerful enough to do half of what he hoped. That last tantrum he makes after killing it, is very amusing. Oh poor idiot, had your grand plans all be for nothing :).
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  3. Warrior - Intentionally not that powerful? (Obvious spoilers)

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