How do you farm quest rewards without the game auto-saving?

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User Info: Gunblitze

5 years ago#1
So I want to farm Moxxi's Bad Touch, and want to get the best stats possible. What do I do to ensure that my game doesn't automatically save after and that I can just keep reloading until I get the desired stats? Same with other quest rewards..

User Info: trunks76140

5 years ago#2
If you can (and tbh I'm not even certain you can) you'd probably have to use cheat engine or tweak the ini somewhere to do it.

Instead how about using the save editor to just change the gun's stats and stuff to what you want? You wont have to rely on RNG and can make it exactly what you want instantly.

User Info: Koumaru

5 years ago#3
Unless something changed (very) recently, the game does not autosave after most quest turn-ins. Manually save before turning in and then just alt+F4 and try again if you dint like the item you got.

User Info: Marikhen

5 years ago#4
Another option would be to load up two clients, have one character spawn a game and stand next to the quest giver, and then turn in the quest with the second character. Pick up the quest reward with the first character and then save/exit. AFAIK unless recent updates have fixed that exploit character progress on the character who doesn't "own" the game will not be saved and they'll have to turn the quest back in again while the first character keeps the quest reward item.

It's a little more involved than just Alt+F4'ing, but it also means that you can keep "eh, almost what I want, but not quite" items so that if after 2 or 3 hours you still haven't gotten the "perfect" item you don't have zip to show for it. Well, if you want to farm like that without save scumming at least.

Of course occasionally alt-tabbing between clients will get you a generic beep and the alt-tab process will fail resulting in you having to manually click on the Borderlands client you want to focus on or having to press alt-shift-tab (because alt-tab just sends you back to the one you just alt-tabbed out of). Then there's the problem I've had where having multiple clients open can cause the game to not properly lock the mouse cursor down within the game window resulting in you clicking outside of the game if you pan the camera too fast before clicking a mouse button. Given that I bind forward movement to my mouse this can happen way too often. >_>
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User Info: Kawufix

5 years ago#5
the easiest way is to back up your save and overwrite your new one each time you want to try to get a quest reward. you probably want to run your game in windowed or windowed borderless mode since you'll be alt-tabbing a lot. this has the same result as alt-f4ing except it's a little faster since you only need to load a save instead of reloading the entire game every time you try. it's also safer since you make backup saves along the way and can't really get into a position where you're stuck with an item you don't like and the quest has been completed.

1. right before turning in the quest, save and quit to the main menu. alt-tab to go back into windows.
2. go to:
[My] Documents\My Games\Borderlands 2\WillowGame\SaveData
and copy/paste the folder inside (should be some long number) to back it up.
3. enter the backup folder that you just made and copy (ctrl+c) the right save file to put it on your clipboard. it'll be Save0001.sav if your character is the first one on the list when you load the game, 0002 if it's the second, etc.
4. go back into the SaveData folder and then enter the original save folder, and leave the window open.
5. go back into the game, start and turn in the quest. if you like the reward, then you're done, and you can get rid of the backup save folder if you don't think you ever want to try for the reward again.
6. if the reward isn't good enough, save and quit to the main menu, then press alt+tab to go to the save folder window. paste (ctrl+v) in your old backed up save and replace the old save file.
7. go back into game and click select character and select the same character - this is necessary since otherwise the game doesn't load your backup save.
8. start the game and you should load right before you turn in the quest. repeat 5-8 until you get something you like.

if you like to keep the best version of a gun that you've gotten at some time, just take a screenshot of that weapon so that you can compare it to any other weapons you get later on, then backup that save file before you replace it with the save file that has you right before you turn in the quest.

if after you're done farming a weapon but later decide that your version of the weapon isn't good enough, you can continue farming so long as you've kept the backup saves. just put the item in the shared stash when you're done, then restore your most current save (make sure to not overwrite profile.bin). since your shared stash is stored in your profile.bin rather than in your save file (the Save000x.sav files), you can transfer items through saves so as long as you don't replace the profile.bin file.
or you can do a wall run and run on the wall whilst shooting your enemy into the dark and deep beyond.
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  3. How do you farm quest rewards without the game auto-saving?

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