E-tech weapons?

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User Info: danktank621

4 years ago#1
I'm looking to get an E-tech weapon, I haven't gotten one since the first one you get from Zed, but thats outdated now. I'm level 23 just completed the wildlife sanctuary preserve quest, anyone know any quests/bosses that drop E-tech?

User Info: wantfastcars

4 years ago#2
I know some bosses have a "higher" (1%) chance to drop some Legendary weapons, but I haven't been able to dig anything up on bosses or enemies that drop E-Tech. I've only found two (an SMG and a "Splatgun," which is kind of like a grenade launcher) at all, and both were within an hour of each other. I used the SMG for a long time, but I just got a better one.

Rare loot might have been too common in the first game, but in my opinion, it's definitely TOO rare in this one. In my experience, at least, it's extremely unusual to find anything above Blue, and even Blue is pretty rare.
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User Info: Pijinz

4 years ago#3
E-techs are mostly random loot, so you don't farm them from specific quests/bosses. Though you'll still have better chances against a boss that gives multiple drops like Bunker or Warrior. I think the first decent E-tech I ever saw was like a level 49 PC from Bunker. Definitely a loot drought in the first playthrough.

User Info: STG Deathbot

STG Deathbot
4 years ago#4
Your best bet is to hit up the Shift Code thread and watch it like a hawk. I've found several e-techs as normal drops, but the majority of them have come from the golden chest in Sanctuary.
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User Info: treez_123

4 years ago#5
i've been farming the bunker (you'll know about him later) for a while and have gotten about 5-6 e-techs from him as well as the chests in the area

so try that out if you've got time
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User Info: STG Deathbot

STG Deathbot
4 years ago#6

Shortly after posting my comment...
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User Info: Marikhen

4 years ago#7
I've never seen an e-tech weapon drop from a boss myself, and I farmed Warrior enough to go from 33 to 40 and a fair bit of bunker farming too. I have, however, gotten one from one of the lockers in Roland's safehouse and had one or two drop from regular trash mobs. Of course I've also gotten legendaries from a vendor (once), slot machine (once, after trying for 4-5 hours and spending at least 300k on $300 slots), and even a stalker "pile."

Some things just don't drop so well for me. :-/
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User Info: Al0ne72

4 years ago#8
They're not all that great. I came across a few and their aim is terrible. Compared to other choices, at least.

User Info: ShaftAlmighty

4 years ago#9
18k x3 shotgun that spits 3 fireballs. Fun as hell to shoot but only effective close range and useless against buzzards.

E-Tech can be great but it really depends on the weapon type.
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User Info: treez_123

4 years ago#10
i personally recommend e-tech smgs (maliwan and tediore ones in particular)

they tend to have a decent fire rate and a good reload speed with manageable recoil / accuracy

apart from them eating up ammo like popcorn, they do great damage against beefy opponents as well (especially if you get one with a nice elemental %)

also, if you manage to get your hands on an e-tech launcher, those things are amazing (kinda like rockets mixed with singularity grenades)
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