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User Info: Sakrafyce

4 years ago#1
Hello friends, I'm trying to play thru Borderlands 2 on Steam without being spammed with invites or friends joining my game. I'm not anti-social, just want to enjoy the first run at my own pace and see all of the storyline.

How can I appear offline? I saw an option in the Network Settings of the game for Offline. Would clicking that and Offline on my Steam friend's list do the trick?

Thanks in advance!

User Info: Milox3

4 years ago#2
Yes if you click offline in your friends list no one can invite you or see u online, you could also just play offline by clicking so in the borderlands 2 menu.
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User Info: STG Deathbot

STG Deathbot
4 years ago#3
Just tell your friends that you want to play that character solo. Personally, it seems cowardly that you would rather hide from them as opposed to just telling them that you want to play BL2 as a single player game. Besides, playing on Offline mode would cause problems when trying to use a Shift code and it would be a major hassle if you wanted to chat with some friends while playing or wanted to switch games.

Trust me, rational people will just say "Ok, have fun" and leave your game whereas irrational (immature) people will throw a tantrum, troll/grief your game, then remove you from their friend's list. The irrational people are the ones you really don't want in your friend's list to begin with so it's no big loss (unless you are so insecure that you value your entire life based solely off how many people are in your friend's list, but I highly doubt that's the case with you).
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