TVHM and UVHM are impossible solo after level 50

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  3. TVHM and UVHM are impossible solo after level 50

User Info: Themagicjesus

4 years ago#1
I need to know some solo strategies for both of these modes. Mainly UVHM. I have beaten TVHM's main storyline but it seems like enemies are just bullet sponges that take millions of damage. Bosses are just impossible. I barely beat the Badassasaurus by using the cover glitch and it still took me over ten tries because one hit and I am dead. Currently I am stuck on jackenstein because his energy nodes soak up way too much damage and the loaders destroy me.

I'm playing as Axton and my turrets have trouble dealing with just one enemy now, my health and shields are drained within four or five shots if I am lucky, and my guns just aren't dealing enough damage. Before, it was manageable with the Bee but now that doesn't even help enough. I don't have many legendary weapons but all of them are within one level of me (Level 51).

How are people progressing with such a high difficultly level?!

User Info: funkyfritter

4 years ago#2
Slag makes your other weapons deal triple damage in UBHM, making it a gamechanger while soloing. Aside from that it's mostly a matter of having top notch items going in. I had a double penetrating unkempt harold at level 50 and still haven't found anything better at 57.
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User Info: Themagicjesus

4 years ago#3
Should I try grinding in TVHM or just going through the main story in UVHM?

User Info: BlackFlagg

4 years ago#4
I was having issues playing as Axton as well, switched to my Siren and it's gotten alot easier...maybe how we have our Axton's spec set could be playing a factor, or it' just not kind to him...

User Info: AlleRacing

4 years ago#5
Between my level 50 Slagga and DPUH, I'm doing pretty good. I slag 2-3 enemies, finish them with a couple shots from DPUH and keep going. I'm at level 56 and this combo hasn't seemed to have lost any effectiveness so far.

User Info: KillZUM

4 years ago#6
As others have said, slagging your enemies is basically mandatory in the new difficulty setting unless they're incredibly weak like the basic humanoid grunts or something like the silly raks that occasionally get agro'd and fly down to annoy you.

With that in mind, you should probably take a look at your current spec and see if you can incorporate Double Up (bottom of the guerrilla tree. This makes your turret a slag cannon and then you just need to focus on whatever the turret is targeting with your normal guns vs needing to switch in and out of a slag weapon all the time.
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User Info: Sahuagin

4 years ago#7
it's tough as heck. tips include:

- use cover constantly
- use turret + grenades + slag + constant DPS to take down the harder enemies

I am Axton and have nuclear turret with shields, and buffed FFYL. I get second winds almost constantly on UVHM. I usually only die when the FFYL timer is shortened to 1 second or if I kill the last enemy before he kills me. (or if I fight carelessly as if I wasn't on UVHM).

Badassasaurus and Jackenstein were definitely hard (can't imagine how hard they must be on UVHM) but just try to keep your distance, maximize DPS, (although don't over DPS since they both have reflect. don't attack when you're low on HP) and use your turret to keep them off you.
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User Info: Hammerhead6468

4 years ago#8
grinding is useless in UVHM. Enemies always scale up to two levels above you.

As mentioned, Slag is your friend. Get used to slagging EVERY enemy. You're going to want a wide range of weapons. Slag, shock, fire, corrosion, you need them all.

Also just take it slow, abuse your action skills and grenades. You'll burn through ammo like none other, so get used to buying a lot of ammo as well.

You almost have to play the game like every enemy is a boss. It gets a bit easier as you get used to it though.
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User Info: thronedfire2

4 years ago#10
Slag is pretty much required for soloing in UVHM. I pretty much only used it for constructors in TVHM so I didn't appreciate it too much, but having a lvl 50 slag shotgun is making UVHM much easier. I also switched my siren to a ruin/convergence spec so everything is slagged pretty much all the time. I don't have any lvl 50 legendaries so all I'm using is purples/pinks, but I have a 9500 shock damage unending anarchist that can kill anything slagged pretty fast.

I still want to get my mechro to 50 because I like that class better, but I at least wanted to get a taste of the new difficulty. Not looking forward to trying to solo badass constructors >_>
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  3. TVHM and UVHM are impossible solo after level 50

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