New Player! Questions on Multiplayer

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User Info: Zoulzreaper

4 years ago#1
So I played Borderlands, and it was awesome, I thoroughly enjoyed the game. I saw the steam summer sale for Borderlands 2 and jumped on the chance to play this awesome looking sequel. Well apparently so did my friends.

My real situation is that when I tried to connect to my friend's game, either through the main menu or through an invitation I would be sent to the loading screen, then the game would stop loading and I would end up on the main menu. I'm wondering why can't I connect to his game, or why can't I fully load into his game. If it makes a difference he's on a mac and I'm using a PC, but we both bought through steam. Is there a level cap I don't know about? I'm level 8 and he's level 3. I hope someone here can make sense of my situation. And sorry for this huge wall of text.

User Info: oj_simpson007

4 years ago#2
im almost positive pc can play with mac, and no there is no level cap keeping you from joining games. your problem has to be something else.

did you try both joining his game and him joining yours?
maybe you cant connect to his host?
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User Info: Zoulzreaper

4 years ago#3
I think you might me be right, I could join all my other friends and vice versa, but no one can join his or he join others.

User Info: dynamomaster

4 years ago#4
Is the Mac version synced with the PC version?

From what I recall, Aspyr Media works on updating the Mac version, so if the PC one is updated, you can't play with each other until Mac users receive their own equivalent patch. Not sure if anyone else he's/you've tried joining were Mac or PC users.
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User Info: STG Deathbot

STG Deathbot
4 years ago#5
There was a hotfix released on the 9th of July. If the Mac version didn't receive the same hotfix, then you won't be able to connect to someone running a PC if you're on a Mac and vice versa.
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User Info: Zoulzreaper

4 years ago#6
If the hotfix is most likely the problem, where could I go to check if the mac did or did not receive the hotfix?

User Info: mjh410

4 years ago#7
That is the problem. I also have a Mac and checked to see if Mac's could play with PC's and the answer is yes they can when they are both on the current version.

Last I could find was this:

I found in their that they have an update for Mac, but it is in testing and should be done soon.

User Info: Ranma006

4 years ago#8
Cross play with PC/Mac is broken right now.
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User Info: Zoulzreaper

4 years ago#9
Thank you guys so much for the quick feedback. And it's a real bummer that I can't play with my friend just yet, but hopefully the cross platform problem will be fixed soon. Thanks again for the responses!

User Info: loser4ever

4 years ago#10
It will be fixed....but then be immediately broken again when a new DLC drops.
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