Character Build Tips?

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User Info: monkeyboy32

6 years ago#1
Just downloaded this game and have tried some different things out. Does anyone have any tips on what stats and skills are useful/worthless and what to focus on? I don't want to screw my guy up early and get stuck later on.
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User Info: Zaitoch

5 years ago#2

I don't think you will need a lot of dex, Luk and Agi do the same thing as they do in iRO cept for Attack speed that depends on the weapon you use. Int well same thing as RO.

As for skills depends on the class you want to advance to later on. If you go Crusader I think that is the more OP path but I'm not sure on the skills myself.

I went the Knight path which transcends to the Lord Knight.

In terms of skills for Knight I went with:
1 Leap Attack - Maybe max this since it will be your main attack early on
5 Two-Hand Mastery
5 Confidence
5 Windmill - Its a whirlwind attack and its decent just becareful when using it on bosses and strong mobs.

Maybe go with the Crit boost skill at max level you get a 5% boost so if you pump up Luk then its worth it.

As for some of the other skills I'm not too sure because each of them require a pre-req to unlock. The HP and SP regen are useless since they don't recover in %s but a fixed value.

Elemental skills are Rock Fist, Grand Cross, Pressure and Tornado (earth, fire, water and wind). You also get Provoke, Slow, Berserker and Life Leech but I haven't tried any of those out.

User Info: hooverbahz

5 years ago#3
My Paladin is AGI-STR-LUK build. I only have two skills, one active and one passive....
Dagger Shield and Dagger Mastery. I love the critical blows! /gg

For boss fights, it's a bit tricky though. You have to time your attacks and hit the suckers when they let their guard down. XD

User Info: noname112233

5 years ago#4
I'm also playing a dagger user. Mine has high STR. This game massively punishes you for using daggers as a main weapon. There are a lot of sets I can't use and enemies with ranged attacks cream me.

User Info: Kira_Lamperouge

5 years ago#5
I agree Noname. But I find the sets rather weak Noname. The best one might be the Valkyrie Set. I buy my weapons and armor from the NPCs. They give way higher stat bonuses! ;-)

User Info: Max58201

5 years ago#6
my suggestion is go pure int untill maxed then pure vit and go the 1 handed sword route

its the magic class in the game and it is insane

getting to lv 25 is a pain but not hard

keep your weapon up to date and you should be fine

the second boss and the killing of the giants for the class change will take awhile *the second boss took a long long time to kill but his attacks are so easy to dodge it wasnt hard at all just bring a ton of hp pots just in case*

and save your skill points no need to spend them on anything before class change really

once i class changed and i maxed the first spell which was the water does 600+ damage and crits for 1200+ and is an area move

its crazy really once u get the other spells bosses go down in seconds and u dont need to worry about weapon switching or cards for elemental monsters.

its basically easy mode after lv 25 haha everything dies in one spell
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User Info: Max58201

5 years ago#7
oops sorry i just checked my one guy he is lv 27 crusader has 77+15 int and the wate rspell does about 1400 damage and a crit is well over 2500 damage.

its insane and worth the hardship to 25
I just wanted to raise his affection, NOT have him lick my nipples

User Info: NeoZeroX

5 years ago#8
Lv 25:
(Given By Default!)
Str 10
Vit 7
Dex 10
52 stats point left (Each level raise by 2?)
I never realize each stat point cost 1.
Am I too late to switch to INT Crusader?
Or just restart? a new one?

For those current high lv players. (lv 60+)
The weakest order is: Wind->Water->Fire->Earth->Wind
How do you use Leviathan you deal with Wind type monster?
Does Mp generate fast with high INT?
Do you use PET (Gargoyle /Munak?)

Magic Mastery (I think is yes)
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User Info: Kira_Lamperouge

5 years ago#9
Neo, in my opinion, you should just restart. It's easy to level up below Lv40. Just keep your weapon/equipment updated.

-> Regarding the Leviathan (water) spell, you cannot use it against wind-type monsters. Their weakness is Earth element. "Fire beats Earth beats Wind beats Water beats Fire."
-> I would prefer the Munak pet since it's SP stolen per hit. The SP recovery of the Gargoyle is too slow. /dum
-> And oh, don't learn the SP & HP recovery skills. You will just waste the skill points. The recovery is too slow and they are not % based.

User Info: NeoZeroX

5 years ago#10
So all int until 99?
I am only worry about the post clear game and cannot handle mob
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