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Sequel?(Minor Spoilers)

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User Info: redeer

5 years ago#1

In the end where it says Chapter 1: To the Moon Check, does that mean there's going to be a chapter 2? becuase I loved this one..

User Info: Solo_Hunter

5 years ago#2
There are 2 instances that hint towards a sequel:

- Watts' addition, and the effect shown at the end of the game.
- When the copy Johnny asks Watts if they really don't feel anything at all.

User Info: rpglover101

5 years ago#3
There are a few theories floating around about the "effect" (red flash) at the end of the game. Some people say it's like other games, where a red throb indicates pain, as immediately after he turns around and takes what are presumably pain pills (which appear multiple times in the story). I personally think Watts or Rosalene (or perhaps both) will be the center of an upcoming game(s).

The red throb is very similar to the instances where Johnny's health is declining, indicating a declination of health of someone in the memory, perhaps Watts. If it is him taking pain pills, he has a sickness, and will probably die an untimely death, and will probably have regrets (like, not hooking up with Rosalene, or something bigger) that he will want solved.

There's also the scene with the 2 squirrels chasing each other (which happens twice), and some other scenes where Rosalene experiences deja vu. This deja vu could be a repetition in the memory of Rosalene, related to a particularly strong memory, if Rosalene is having her memories modified.

User Info: apolloooo

5 years ago#4
my theory is we all play in watt's memory, the final episode will be on watt's deathbed
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User Info: AuspexAO

5 years ago#5
I agree. There is a part where Rosalene says she helped Neil cheat to get the job and he is definitely suffering from some kind of painful wasting disease. Rosalene tells him to go watch Johnny and he says "watching someone wasting away isn't my thing." He also says he rather OD than be reliant on pills.

My guess is that the designers want to give us a series of games that are self-contained with the overall arch of Neil connecting with Rosalene (perhaps unbeknownst to her). He seems very upset when River is deleted, despite having stated that he is not interested in romance. He may have realized that he was missing out mere moments before death. Hell, maybe it's just Rosalene's way of giving him a love story as a "going away present" before he dies.

I can't wait to see :P
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User Info: Pokenub

5 years ago#6
James Atkins
Great emotional game.. Is there a chapter 2 coming?
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Freebird Games Glad you enjoyed it, James. And yep, there will be more episodes. c:
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User Info: Eluveit

5 years ago#7
Woooo-Hoooooo... Can't wait for the new games :DDDDD
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