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Okay, I've gotten to this bit where there's this cruiser protecting some large installation, and an Earth ship which is getting completely trashed by the cruiser's beam turrets.

The thing is, I'm able to destoy the beam turrets in then nick of time and the Earth vessels folds to safety, but then after taking out the rest of the flak turrets, a squad of bombers warps in to finish off the cruiser and I'm supposed to protect them.

However, for the life of me I can't seem to figure out what's attacking the bombers as they're destroyed in record time and I fail the mission. There are just way too many enemy targets onscreen and I've tried everything from destroying the fighters en masse to focusing on the flak turrets on the installation and cruise, but the bombers still get blown up, sometimes two at a time even though I'm blowing up enemy targets left and right.

Does anyone have any helpful advice for this bit, it's frustrating beyond belief. Thanks!
Lord of Nightmares 4 years ago#2
'Kay nvm, finally beat the mission and got a Silver Service Medal (was just shy of several thousand points for Gold), turns out I needed to stick close to the bombers and draw the Interceptors' fire, which wasn't fun, I can tell you that.

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