button bindings not working

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User Info: den

4 years ago#1

my control pad is detected and the default controls work, however when i reassign the buttons, they do nothing. for example, thrust or forward thrust is by default, the letter w. i reassign this to a shoulder button. change is recorded. resume game and press shoulder button, nothing happens. press w, get thrust. any idea what is happening or how to fix this? the controller works fine for other games. it's a logitech rumble controller.

User Info: Jonexe

4 years ago#2
After you're finished assigning all the keys, make sure you hit the "Save and Exit" button; not just the back key.

For my gamepad it defaults to "A" (standard Xbox controller layout).

If you assign keys, then hit the back button, it does not save the configuration.
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  3. button bindings not working

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