Next best NIS game?

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User Info: sesshomaru_55

5 years ago#1
The only NIS games I have played are Disgaea 1 2 3 and 4. I kinda want to get into a new one but not sure which...There is a lot to choose from. What do the hardcore Disgaea fans suggest?

User Info: Ihavealotofspac

5 years ago#2
The gameplay wasn't really amazing or anything but Soul Nomad remains my favourite for the story and characters

Worth checking out if you have time

User Info: MasterGaryOak

5 years ago#3
Soul nomad
Phantom brave or makai kingdom

User Info: akazaakari

5 years ago#4
I'd say play Z.H.P.

User Info: rojse

5 years ago#5
I'd suggest "Phantom Brave" on PSP. In terms of presentation, it has the same art style as Disgaea, but trades the humour for a serious and occasionally darker tone. It's an SRPG, but without a grid, and your main character, Marona, sends out characters that last a short time before they expire. Marona and the rest of your characters that you create can equip any item, from a fish to a sword to another character (yours or the opposition), and use any skill that they or their item knows.

Levelling is just as multifaceted - you can increase a character's level, increase the stat of titles which are equipped to characters, improve and modify the items a character equips, create and raise new characters, and reincarnate old characters too.

There's a great deal of stuff to get the most out of the game, like all NIS games, and lots of exploits to learn, but then again, that's what makes NIS games so much fun.

User Info: Jacknicklson

5 years ago#6
La Pucelle

User Info: SamuraiLloyd

5 years ago#7
Outside of Disgaea, my favorite NIS game has to be Makai Kingdom. That game had amazing gameplay, fantastic music, lovable characters, hilarious dialogue and brought some elements to the table that i would love to see in another NIS game.

Unlike some of the other NIS games, Makai Kingdom made me feel like I really was an Overlord managing my own Demonic Army (complete with Vehicles and Buildings to boot). Whether I was on the battlefield fighting enemy soldiers, horrible monsters and mutant vegetables or just chilling in my kingdom talking to my troops, I was having a blast with Makai Kingdom. If you can get a copy, i highly recommend it.
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User Info: dementedlullaby

5 years ago#8
I really loved La Pucelle. Actually it was the NIS game that got me into other NIS games. Phantom Brave is quite good as well and has three games in the series so far.
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User Info: Ambrose69UYA

5 years ago#9
I would recommend Mana Khemia, Soul Nomad, or Makai Kingodm
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User Info: Ihavealotofspac

5 years ago#10

From: Ambrose69UYA | #009
I would recommend Mana Khemia, Soul Nomad, or Makai Kingodm

isn't mana khemia developed by gust?

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