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User Info: Jason11718

5 years ago#1
So, I'm currently trying to buy all the music in the shop, but some of the music isn't available.

Specifically, songs 48, 56, 66, and 79.

How do I get those?
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User Info: aces4839

5 years ago#2
assumin they're from the DLC:

Sending BGM01 Brother & Sister Adell DLC
Sending BGM02 MAKAI BAND Adell, Taro, Yukimaru or Tink DLC
Sending BGM03 Sinful Rose -Install Version Adell DLC
Sending BGM04 Rozalin Rozalin DLC
Sending BGM05 Visual Sensation Rozalin DLC
Sending BGM06 MAKAI Station Hanako DLC
Sending BGM07 Prinny My Love Taro, Hanako or Tink DLC
Sending BGM08 Sheep Soichiro Kogure DLC
Sending BGM09 Nervous Soichiro Kogure DLC
Sending BGM10 Reasoning Soichiro Kogure DLC
Sending BGM11 Ninja's Dance Yukimaru DLC
Sending BGM12 Panicle Panic Overlord Priere DLC
Sending BGM13 March of Martyr Overlord Priere DLC
Sending BGM14 Running Fire Item World Command Attack
Sending BGM15 Demon's Party Pram or Zetta DLC
Sending BGM16 Darkness Darkness Zetta DLC
Sending BGM17 Burning Fighting Spirit Pram DLC
Sending BGM18 Great Wilder Marjoly DLC
Sending BGM19 Footsteps of a Little Demon Class World Command Attack
Sending BGM20 Fancy Ball Thursday DLC
Sending BGM21 The Anthem of Braves Gordon DLC
Sending BGM22 Cyber Dance Class World Command Attack
Sending BGM23 Desperado Gig DLC
Sending BGM24 Rock'n Rocks Gig DLC
Sending BGM25 Woody Chips Revya DLC
Sending BGM26 RED BOOTS Revya DLC
Sending BGM27 Modern Girl Prinny Hero DLC
Sending BGM28 Going My Way Prinny Hero DLC
Sending BGM29 Akuma Drops Kurtis DLC
Sending BGM30 Dark Adonis Mid-Boss DLC
Sending BGM31 Elegant Dance Mid-Boss DLC
Sending BGM32 Speed Queen Item World Survival Attack
Sending BGM33 Raspberyl Dreams Raspberyl Chapters
Sending BGM34 Teenage Stories Raspberyl Chapters
Sending BGM35 Traveling Raspberyl Raspberyl Chapters
Sending BGM36 The Rival Raspberyl Chapters
Sending BGM37 Secret Treasure Raspberyl Chapters
Sending BGM38 Little Diary Raspberyl Chapters
Sending BGM39 Stronghold Raspberyl Chapters
Sending BGM40 Life Raspberyl Chapters
Sending BGM41 Special Traveler Raspberyl Chapters
Sending BGM42 Brilliant Blue Raspberyl Chapters
Sending BGM43 Burning Drive Raspberyl Chapters
Sending BGM44 Red Carpet Raspberyl Chapters
Sending SONG01 Passion Teacher Raspberyl Chapters
Sending SONG02 Love Combo Raspberyl Chapters
Sending SONG03 Song for my Rival Raspberyl Chapters

hope it helps.
PSN: aces4839 --- feel free to add me.

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