What bills to pass for weapons?

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User Info: RHelgDrez

4 years ago#1
So, the Absence of Justice (PS3) FAQs suggest stat growth bills. I've seen people on this board saying that it isn't very important to pass those because you can hit the stat cap without doing so.

Thoughts? Should I just pass +Move bills, or what?

Also, the +Range for a gun/bow doesn't affect the range of special skills, right? So beyond one gun with three +Range bills (for that one Dimension X map), it's not necessary to do that for any other weapons, right?

One more question: How do you do billions in damage? I have a Laharl with nearly maxed altitudes but he still only does like 60 million per target (with three maxed traps but a non-maxed weapon).

User Info: Junahu

4 years ago#2
Hero Prinny has an Evility that multiplies damage dealt to him by 10x. So for the 10 billion trophy, you only need to be able to deal 1 billion. Damage dealt to allies doesn't count for the various damage trophies, but dropouts versions of your allies (Class World) count as enemies.

Marjoly is probably the easiest character to reach the billion damage mark, since her base Evility raises damage by 100% when you attack a single target.
Add the Evilities "Elemental Force" (raises elemental damage by the amount of elemental defense the character has. I.E. 99% due to Marjoly's inherently maxed elemental defenses) and "Death Fang" (raises damage by 100% against paralyzed targets).
[Elemental Force comes from Tier 2 or higher Magic Knights. Death Fang comes from Tier 4 or higher Dragon Zombies]

It should be possible to breach 1 billion damage using the Tera spell the target is weak to, even with just 3 Maxed Trapezohedrons + 500 Guardians equipped. Even without raising Marjoly's aptitudes.

If that doesn't break 1 billion damage, have a Skull cast Brain Rise (raises INT by 100%) on Marjoly.

Edit: Yeah, Move and jump are the best things to raise on a weapon. Neither one would make that big a difference, but Move is typically more useful than Jump.

User Info: PhilosRex_basic

4 years ago#3
Yeah, +Move is usually your best bet for putting on your post-endgame equipment (after all, all your stats are going to be maxed anyway...), and it's usually more useful than adding to your jump ability (really all you need, at most, is one or maybe two characters who can jump especially high).
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User Info: RHelgDrez

4 years ago#4
Thanks! Yeah, I have two Masked dudes that have a long move range and I think 99 jump, plus Sky High.
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User Info: Ihavealotofspac

4 years ago#5
jump isn't too good for weapons since it caps at 99

you get 54 jump from 3 antimatter fiends and a bunch more from innate jump and class world boosts
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