Artifact Combinations

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User Info: Mimbrate_Knight

9 years ago#1
I'm aware that there are certain artifacts that, when equipped on your hero, combine to create an even better artifact. I know of a few like when you have all the statue pieces that aid in creature growth, the feather bow and string, and the super powerful necromancer rod that you get when you combine all the necromancer equipment.

My question is, are there any more, and if so what are they?
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User Info: Camden

9 years ago#2
There's a total of twelve. You get the normal equipment perks in additional to combo bonus.

Angelic Alliance = Helm of Heavenly Enlightenment + Celestial Necklace of Bliss + Sword of Judgment + Armor of Wonder + Sandals of the Saint + Lion's Shield of Courage. It casts Prayer on your troops at the start of combat and allows you to mix non-evil troops without a morale penalty.

Cloak of the Undead King = Amulet of the Undertaker + Vampire Cowl + Dead Man's Boots. Gives you a nice boost to necromancy and allows you to resurrect either zombies, wights or liches depending on your Necromancy skill level.

Elixer of Life = Ring of Life + Vial of Lifeblood + Ring of Vitality. Your living creatures gain regeneration and get a 25% boost in HP.

Armor of the Damned = Skull Helmet + Blackshard of the Dead knight + Rib Cage + Shield of the Yawning Dead. Casts Slow, Weakness, Curse, Disrupting Ray and Misfortune on your opponents creatures at the start of combat.

Statue of Legion = Legs of Legion+ Hips of Legion +Torso of Legion + Legs of Legion + Head of Legion = 50% creature growth in towns.

Power of the Dragon Father = Crown of Dragonteeth + Necklace of Dragonteeth + Dragon Wing Tabard + Red Dragon Flame Tongue + Dragon Scale Shield + Quite Eye of the Dragon + Still Eye of the Dragon + Dragonbone Greaves + Dragon Scale Armor. Gives +6 to your primary skills and immunizes your creatures to level 1-4 spells.

Titan's Thunder = Thunder Helmet + Titan's Gladius + Titan's Cuirass + Sentinel's Shield. Gives you a spell which costs 0 to cast and inflicts 600 points of damage.

Admiral's Hat = Sea Captain's Hat + Necklace of Ocean Guidance. Allows you to retain your movement when getting on or off a boat.

Bow of the Sharpshooter = Bow of Elven Cherrywood + Bowstring of the Unicorn's Mane + Angel Feather Arrows. Removes range and obstacle penalty for ranged units and allows them to shoot when next to an enemy.

Cornucopia = Everflowing Cloak of Crystal + Everpouring Vial of Mercury + Eversmoking Ring of Sulfer + Ring of Infinite Gems. Gives you four of each precious resource each day.

Ring of the Magi = Collar of Conjuring + Ring of Conjuring + Cloak of Conjuring. Adds 50 rounds to spell duration.

Wizard's Well = Charm of Mana + Talisman of Mana + Orb of Mana. Regenerates your spell points each day.
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User Info: Mimbrate_Knight

9 years ago#3
Thanks for the info I appreciate it!
" I wish Beldin were here. He could explain it in a minute. Of course none of us would understand the explanation, but he'd explain it all the same. "

User Info: Atombender

9 years ago#4
It always confuses me that the Golden Bow isn't part of the Bow of the Sharpshooter.

Also, what about Ring of the Wayfarer + Necklace of Swiftness + Cape of Velocity? Would make a great Artifact Combo imo, something like "Casts Expert Haste at the start of each battle and makes all of your troops immune to Slow".
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