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User Info: Cursed_Mystic

9 years ago#1
The grail can only be found with obelisks? I mean, I'm currently playing campaign missions but most of them do not even have obelisks! Does that mean there is NO grails at all in campaign maps? Hope anyone can help...

Thank you in advance.

User Info: Shook1

9 years ago#2
I cant be too much help yet as I am waiting for my game to come in the mail, but in the mean time I have been playing the demo >.< (not very nice only giving me 4 weeks)

But from what I have seen, yah if you hit all of them they reveave a map that shows where it is hidden. Now, I have no clue if that means only on certain levels or if there is one or two per level. Sorry I couldnt be better help, but I know what its like to not be answered for a few days.

User Info: Atombender

9 years ago#3
Theoretically, the grail may be found without visiting a single obelisk (in fact, there's a map where the grail is always buried at the same spot).

But as a rule of thumb, if the map doesn't feature any obelisks, there won't be a grail on it.
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User Info: Graveluna

9 years ago#4
Campaigns with no obelisks imply that there is no grail on the map.
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User Info: Terotrous

9 years ago#5
You can theoretically find the grail without using the obelisks, but it's impractical since digging takes a whole day.

And yes, if the obelisks aren't on the map, there's no grail. I don't think the map editor lets you enable the grail without placing the obelisks.
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