Fun ways to play CS

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User Info: Th3DaRkGaM3R

5 years ago#1
I absolutely love creating fun ways to play each mode. My friend and I always seem to play a mode, think its fun and then make it better by doing different things than playing normally and sometimes these fun ideas that we come up with actually end up being a good tactic to win against the opposite team. For example, on demolition we have found a ton of places that are great to kill people just by exploring the map, hiding in bathrooms, closets and more. Today, we started to play arms race and we were having a blast and then we came up with the idea to just use our knives. That game became so much fun and we ended up getting better and better until eventually I actually won an arms race match against all humans by just using the knife while everyone else used guns. I find that to be an accomplishment to be proud of. So I was wondering if anyone else has made fun ways to play the game. Has anyone else created a weird but fun way to play the game? If so, I would love to hear it so my friend and I can try it.

User Info: Trickery1688

5 years ago#2
Pistols only. Although this isn't that entirely hard when the Desert Eagle in the hands of a player who understands it can kill the entire enemy team wielding rifles and smgs.

User Info: the_requiem

5 years ago#3
Yeah, we used to play Pistols only matches most of the times on CS1.6 Though modding is what truly adds more fun ways to play. One of my fav was a modded de_dust2 which made all walls around bomb sites transparent.
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User Info: ieat_SnAcKPaCks

5 years ago#4
>using pistols

love using knife only rounds but theres always that one guy that buys an ak or and m4.
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