zombie mode.....

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User Info: VOLTzvsx

5 years ago#1
guys, do you know anything about zombie mode ps3 version?? please let me know if you know how to download or anything to play it, thank you :)

User Info: rave50000

5 years ago#2
pc only
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User Info: VOLTzvsx

5 years ago#3
rave50000 posted...
pc only

Oh :/

User Info: Aranki03

5 years ago#4
rave50000 posted...
pc only

Yep, zombie mode is a modification. Unless they turn it into a DLC.....buuuuut I wouldn't hold my breath. Instead, pray for faster patches and maps! lol
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User Info: GuitarMajesty7

5 years ago#5
Not likely to happen as the consoles haven't even gotten the first patch with the two new maps yet, so don't hold your breath....
"Wisdom is not Truth," -Frank Zappa

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