This game is currently awful

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User Info: Sudieken

4 years ago#1
Posted this on the game's forums. Might as well do it here too.

-Lances are ridiculously broken and require no thought, timing, precision, or...well...anything at all to use effectively. Huge hitboxes that extend beyond WAY beyond the model, no need to build up any kind of momentum (just press shift and you're already at instant kill speed), and the RNG nonsense of them not breaking. I have absolutely no idea how paradox thought that this weapon was anywhere near balanced or well designed. The only reason NOT to take a lance as cavalry is if you're making an anti cav build. And even that is easily debatable.

-Cavalry in general are terrible designed. There is no negatives at all for driving like a total moron. You can slam face first into a wall and instantly take off at max speed with no repercussion whatsoever. Being dismounted gives you almost no disadvantage. It just gives your opponent a split second to maybe do a quick thrust or charge you from the back if they dismounted at at just the right angle

Hurt boxes remain active for a long time. So it's possible to swing and then spin to turn a clear whiff into an actual hit or to get around blocks. I've seen people refer to it as helicoptering. But yeah, completely stupid.

-Armor classes just...aren't balanced. There is no reason to not wear plate. The advantages are just WAY larger than the small loss in mobility. The only reason I wear light armor is so I can keep my "Rogue" theme going. But basically, if you're not wearing heavy armor, you're gimping yourself for. Light armor is basically just for hipsters or for when you feel like showing off.

-Squad spawning pretty much ruins any kind of tactical value the game had. Cavalry can be made into mobile personnel carries that can instantly drop 5 people behind any kind of shield wall or defensive position, teamfights can wildly and randomly swing since any player can pop out 3+ people at any given moment and dead players can be right back into the fight in a few seconds.

-Team damage, or rather the lack of it, is the main problem this game has and is large reason as to why 2-handed weapon are so powerful. Let's be honest, teamfights in this game can't even really be called "teamfights". They are mass orgies in which teammates wildly swing through each other and parrying is nigh impossible since joe knight over there can easily jam his Scottish sword through his teammate's windpipe to stab you in the face. The main "strategy" I've seen executed in this game so far is to converge on a single player and gangbang him to death without any care for how many teammates you hit or for what's actually going on in the fight. Once he's dead, pick another target and zerg him down as well.

I want to like the game, I really do. I enjoy dueling quite a bit and I've already had a lot of memorable, fun moments. But this game needed a few more months of development and a fistful of patches.

User Info: KobraXZ

4 years ago#2
I agree with everything there. Especially the whole spawning thing. My god, I was expecting intense duels like in Age of Chivalry, or maybe Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II.

Wrong. You can be off fighting someone in a field and just when you think you have the advantage, 2-3 of his squad members spawn on top of him and charge you while swinging wildly. Boom, you're dead.

User Info: cidman0123

4 years ago#3
The two things that made me mad in this game are still there from beta.

Archers and Horses

No friendly fire means that these guys are complete morons. I've been revving a teammate or about to get a finishing hit when some moron on a horse tramples me and misses the opponent. Horses were the WORST idea for this game and were implemented terribly.

Archers have no risk and all reward for firing into a group of friendlies to try to hit an opponent. I can understand if you're swinging a sword and at the last second you try to halt it to not hit your teammate. Once an archer lets an arrow fly, there is nothing slowing it down to reduce for 'friendly fire'

As for heavy armor. I don't mind it. Most people using it don't know what they are doing. In medium armor I've taken down plenty of heavy armor guys even when 2 or 3v1 because they think they are impenetrable, but they are slow and spam swings and are easy to dispatch.
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User Info: G4me4ddict

4 years ago#4
As an archer when I hit my own team mate it damages me. I thought it was a fluke so I tried and sure enough I head shot a team mate and I had to stop and bandage.
A little nonsense now and then is cherished by the wisest man. - Wonka

User Info: cidman0123

4 years ago#5
Well that's good, I haven't played archer so I didn't know that, but mirror damage works fine there for me.

My point on the horses still stands though.
Total time: >1000 hours (Piper Warrior/Arrow/Seminole and Supercub, C172/150 )
Commercial Airplane - SMEL IR CFI-I (tail dragger/complex endorsements)
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