Noob tips for playing online?

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User Info: Number23rulz

4 years ago#1
1. Follow your team mates
2. Get to know the map better with bots

Add on more

User Info: Witch__Hazel

4 years ago#2
Practice your aim in deathmatch servers every once in a while. I disregarded this tip as a newb but it helps a LOT.

User Info: Eclypse9810

4 years ago#3
4. Bait out AWP shots instead of hoping they're horrible and miss the first shot. Go in and back to cover really quickly, chances are their reflexes will make them shoot and miss, and now it's safe for you to peak and get a few shots out, or to throw a flash or smoke into them.
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User Info: RogueDark

4 years ago#4
Walk button is your friend use it! I swear I see so many people in 1 on 1's running all over then going wtf when the other guy knows where they were coming from.
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4 years ago#5
Learn when and why you should crouch.

Use the walk button when you think it can give you an advantage

Dont run around corners like you are jogging in the park

Learn how to aim, and learn how to aim for the head. Dont run around with your weapon pointing a the floor

Learn some situational awareness and use the minimap so that it becomes 2nd nature.
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User Info: xDallas

4 years ago#6
Be great at camping since that is all this game is. You pick a chokepoint (there are only a few on each map so don't worry about the other team shooting you in your back) and just sit there with your sights up. This game rewards camping, so take advantage of it. If someone gets brave and takes there finger off the walk button you can hear them coming from a mile away.
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User Info: KhmerInception

4 years ago#7
Cool. This seems pretty helpful, thanks.
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User Info: Isharuu

4 years ago#8
Always make sure the bomb site is clear before arming or defusing the bomb. ifyou have the bomb never be the first in front. If you die and drop the bomb in achoke point its over unless other team is atrocious at camping bomb. Burst fire. Never keep your finger on the trigger.
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