This Or Art Academy?

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User Info: egg_troopa

5 years ago#1
See title.

Bonus Question: Do I need this online account to save my pics on the SD card?

User Info: KingRizardon

5 years ago#2
Well, they are two different things...

Art academy is for leaning more about art. There is a free draw mode, but it focuses more on how the tools work in real life, which I find a bit annoying to be honest. Because the strokes end early and you have to re-stroke over and over. And if you want them like real life you could always actually do it in real life.

Colors3D is about having fun with your artistic talent. It doesn't teach you to make art like art academy, but the drawing tools they give you are MUCH better. That, and there's a full online gallery connected to the game that you can access on the game AND the normal web. It allows you to upload your art as well as looking at all of the art of others.
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User Info: The_shoemaker

5 years ago#3
You can save without online. I really like this one.
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