so after six hours, I can't undo anymore?

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  3. so after six hours, I can't undo anymore?

User Info: finalchoro

5 years ago#1
I had this picture that was doing ok, but now I'm stuck because of the six-hours limit.

Is there anything I can do about this?
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User Info: KingRizardon

5 years ago#2
Yup, and playback stops after that point too. Not really anything that can be done, so sorry... :<
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User Info: LegoLeonidas

5 years ago#3
If you have an empty layer, draw on that. That way you can erase without destroying things you have perfect. Then, when everything looks right, merge with the layer it's supposed to be on. I know, it's not as good as an undo, but if you're slow like me, you'll just have to take what you can get...
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  3. so after six hours, I can't undo anymore?

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