Reasons Why This Could Be The Best Vita Game Yet

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User Info: snakebliskin

5 years ago#1
Here are just a few reasons this could surpass Uncharted or Gravity Rush as the Vita's premiere action game:

1.) 2-Games-In-One: There are TWO entirely different ways to play this game. One way is a time-stop mode where time slows and you pick out your targets via the touchpad. This method of play is optional. The other way to play is more traditional button-based gameplay. You could essentially play the game twice in a row and have a COMPLETELY different experience. Or, you could mix it up during one playthrough, as yours truly will most likely do.

2.) Cool Character: She looks like a bad@$$ Disney princess. 'Nuff said.

3.) Everything PS3 Can Do, Vita Can Do...Just As Good: The Vita version of AC III uses the EXACT same engine as the PS3 version. That means the animations are the same and you can do all the same tricks.

4. ) Gorgeous Graphics: Every preview I've heard, they raved about how good this game looks. The designers ACTUALLY traveled to Louisiana to get a 1st hand look at the buildings they're recreating. That's going above and beyond the call

5.) Epic Adventure: Very little is known of how this quest will play out. But one scene that has been revealed is a sequence where you must steer a run-away horse drawn carriage that's on fire. Um...yes please. If they can squeeze in a few more sequences like that, to go along with the intense action, this could be one we'll remember for a LONG time.

User Info: MetrosexualVaan

5 years ago#2
6. Vita has no games.

User Info: 7lightsXIII

5 years ago#3

User Info: _BTT_

5 years ago#4
She looks like a bad@$$ Disney princess. 'Nuff said.

Wat. How does . . . not that I disagree with you, this is potentially the most worthwhile Vita game to date in my personal opinion, but wat.
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User Info: Roachmeat

5 years ago#5
7) The same multiplayer from 'AC: Brotherhood', hopefully, fingers crossed maybe..


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User Info: Sp8cemanSpiff

5 years ago#6
Even though I love me some Disney princesses (badass or not) I fail to see the similarity.
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User Info: Hotdog_Chicken

5 years ago#7
i wish the main character was a guy from swamp people. Then we could shoot gators and colored people. And go in a boat all day
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User Info: RiteOfSpring

5 years ago#8
Game looks badass, fo sho!

User Info: 01treetop10

5 years ago#9
LOL @ 6

I'd argue it'll be dope just because AC is dope.

User Info: CarsAndGuitarsx

5 years ago#10
MetrosexualVaan posted...
3DS has no games.

Fixed. :)
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