real screenshot or just fanfic?

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User Info: ukeguy808

5 years ago#1
found this pic on the wiki, think this is the actual meet up in the game or just some fan art?
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User Info: MetrosexualVaan

5 years ago#2
Hopefully it's real. I'd like to see these 2 stories connected somehow.

User Info: Little_harsh

5 years ago#3
Well they did say conner was in this game, i hope this is real

User Info: DChybridking

5 years ago#4
please be real
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User Info: natchu96

5 years ago#5
If it's real, then the Europeans are screwed.
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User Info: AmuroRei78

5 years ago#6
It makes sense. you apparently get connor's tomahawk and aveline's stuff in III along with some extra missions

User Info: Wing0c

5 years ago#7
Yes it's real!!

User Info: redroses_4life

5 years ago#8
Anjar elium farakeeu agua.

User Info: fourgigman

5 years ago#9
Well this game is a prequel to the events of assassins creed 3. It will be interesting to see how they tie together.

User Info: MyMentorSnake

5 years ago#10
Yes its real. This has been said ever since Liberation debut. Though they only said that the two will cross paths, not actually standing back to back in a fight. GAWD OCT 30 CANT COME FAST ENOUGH!
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