Help With Chest in Bayou

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User Info: Irishgamer01

5 years ago#1
Hi guys,

This question may contain spoilers so please beware of that. I need your help with something. I'm in the Bayou mission (not sure what memory sequence that is) and I've defeated the Acolytes and their leader. It then tells me to loot a chest in the boat but I can't access the chest because it's underneath the top deck in the boat and I don't know how to get down there. Can someone please explain to me how you get down to the chest? Is there some door you open?

Any help will be appreciated.


User Info: Vandermeer

5 years ago#2
jump off the boat and go around it. you can r button slide under a gap.
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User Info: Irishgamer01

5 years ago#3
Okay thanks for that. I appreciate it. So do I just press R and I'll slide in?

Thanks again for answering my query.

User Info: Gothann

5 years ago#4
You need to press R and run at the hole to slide under it.

This new movement method was covered very poorly in the early parts of the game, where you can slide under drying clothes by running and sliding under them.

Of course, there is no tooltip to indicate that you need to slide under something to reach a chest...
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User Info: Irishgamer01

5 years ago#5
Thanks, Gothann, for your help. I appreciate it. Yeah, a little indicator to prompt you to slide would've been useful and like most players, I didn't know you could slide. Sometimes in things like that, Ubisoft drops the ball but to be fair, for the most part, Liberation is a great game so far, probably the best I've played on Vita apart from Fifa Football.

Thanks again, guys, I appreciate all your help.

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