invisible treasure chest

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User Info: steevo_669

4 years ago#1
i've been trying to find this treasure chest that's marked on my map, but can't find it to save my life :/ it's on the lower left side on the map next to it is a dressing chamber to the right and just a little south of that are the two fast travel docks. it seems to be under or inside of these barrels and wooden platform type thing that's in between a building a a long wooden fence. i was thinking maybe i need to blow it up somehow, but there's no powder kegs around for me to try. anyone know how to find this chest?

User Info: steevo_669

4 years ago#2
new orleans by the way and i meant to say in between a building and fence.

User Info: NoGood56er

4 years ago#3
Me too. Can't find it to save my life. This game is so glitchy I can't stand it anymore. I really wanted to like this game, and I did for a while....
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User Info: steevo_669

4 years ago#4
i'm actually enjoying exploring, finding stuff and trying to earn money with the ships so i can buy more weapons. I already beat the game, so i'm just trying to collect everything i can and earn some trophies, but i feel you. you think this treasure chest could be a glitch?

User Info: xtShock

4 years ago#5
I actually found this marker and another like it in the Bayou near the south western part of the map. It seems to be under a hill cause it can't possibly be in any of the trees around there.

User Info: steevo_669

4 years ago#6
i just hope it's not a glitch :/

User Info: Ezceed

4 years ago#7
Unfortunately it just might be... There's a treasure box in the main starting area of Mexico behind a house. Found it and opened it up, but the next time I replayed the mission the treasure icon was still in that same spot but no box...
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User Info: steevo_669

4 years ago#8
yea, i just encountered the same thing in chichen itza :/
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