How do you use guns?

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User Info: Triforce24

4 years ago#1
Sorry if this sounds stupid, but seriously how do you use guns?

User Info: peephole303

4 years ago#2

User Info: Triforce24

4 years ago#3
I know that, but it never seems to work. Are there only particular moments where I can use guns?

User Info: LINK676

4 years ago#4
Triforce24 posted...
I know that, but it never seems to work. Are there only particular moments where I can use guns?

Sort of, you have to have an enemy outlined or if you want to kill a random civilian or animal you have to manually lock on

Also, make sure you have ammo :P

User Info: Crepitant

4 years ago#5
First, the gun needs to be equipped. Won't work if you have the darts or whip in your secondary weapon slot. You can change equipment by tapping the weapon icon thing on your screen.

Second, need to target your enemy before it will fire. The game tends to automatically highlight an enemy in front of you but you can also hold down L1 to manual aim. A circle will appear in the middle, so line that up with your target. Will not work on civilians (has been phased out in both this and AC3 for PS3).

Third. Make sure you have bullets, and make sure your gun is loaded. The standard pistol holds only one bullet at a time so you'll need to reload regularly.

Fourth. Triangle to fire.

User Info: Leatherhide

4 years ago#6
Also note that you get a blowpipe not too far in the game. It works almost the same except you need to hold the triangle button and wait for the line to become thinner. Release the button to fire when you have a straight thin line. When not detected use the blowpipe instead as it doesn't make noise.
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User Info: Lazy Jones

Lazy Jones
4 years ago#7
Remember it takes a very long time to reload.
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