arcade mode?

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User Info: mustacheius

4 years ago#1
so i beat the game i think. i got the trophy "like a lion after its prey" but the game started over again with arder enemys and diffrent enemy placement. am i playing arcade mode?
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User Info: yadehtsiyadot

4 years ago#2
No. Arcade mode is available from the Main Menu after you beat it.

Once you finish the game and it starts you over it's a new game plus with an amp in difficulty(like Gn'G and Dark Souls)

If you beat it on Easy, then the difficulty is now Normal. And if you finished it on Normal, the difficulty is now on Hard.


Finishing it a second time on the harder difficulty setting will give you the true ending.

end spoilers

Arcade Mode is a lot more difficult than Hard. It's just pure madness.

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