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User Info: Kawwah

5 years ago#1

Reached chapter 5 on hardmode, and I managed to get to the sewers. But I cant seem to get further than where you have to aquire the dna from the medic on the floor.

The zombies keep killing me, and thats only the first wave that comes. Not sure how to get past this. :/

User Info: CowboyNinjaBear

5 years ago#2
The only way I was able to beat that part was to examine the door switch (to get the zombies started), hold Amy's hand, sprint to the body with her, scan the body, and then leave Amy there as zombie bait while I ran around back to the door. As long as you can reach the level exit before Amy dies, it counts as winning.

Probably not the solution the devs had in mind, but it's the only one I've found that works on Hard mode.

User Info: pikaifi

5 years ago#3
I actually like that part lol
I was like "screw Amy I'll just grab the sample and go open the door" while sprinting them zombies. They stop and drain her energy but it's a few seconds before you open that door and finish the chapter.
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