Do I GET these guns, or have to hunt for them?

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  3. Do I GET these guns, or have to hunt for them?

User Info: coopshooter

6 years ago#1
Is it instantly in my inventory? Or do I have to go find all these things in the Mojave?

User Info: Neo_Rizer

6 years ago#2
I think some you craft, like the bombs and such, some you find, like some crappy 8mm pistol and some are the unique golf club...which has to be found as well. Some you can actually buy at any shop...which is considered a Gun Runners Arsenal.

I dunno, they're kind of stupid if you ask me. I don't see myself bothering with these challenges. Maybe if I already hadn't dominated the game like months ago I would have done these challenges as I played but after 73 hours of play thanks.

I'll probably get the two 10K damage ones, I got the unique weapon one done yesterday in like 10 minutes but the achievements were glitched and I had to recover my I'll do it again once they're up.
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User Info: LoneKharnivore

6 years ago#3
Pazzle Bi Pyus posted...
after 73 hours of play thanks.

73 hours? Pfft, n00b. My level 10 character has 93 hours play time as it is.
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User Info: GamerErman2001

6 years ago#4
I've played this game 219 hours and I'm still not bored.

It's so much more addictive than Fallout 3

User Info: Shrinkydinks

6 years ago#5
Umm... Fallout 3... three different character builds... total hours combined... over 700 hours... enough said lol
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User Info: ZestSubject

6 years ago#6
The GRA weapons can be found being sold from Cliff at Novac, Ralph in Freeside, Torres at Hidden Valley, Gloria at Silver Rush in Freeside, Vendotron at Gun Runners, Chet in Goodsprings if any of the merchants are dead the vendotron at the gun runners will sell the dead merchants unique weapons might not get the standard variant all sell mods for the GRA variants of the common weapons like the laser pistol.
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  2. Fallout: New Vegas - Gun Runner's Arsenal
  3. Do I GET these guns, or have to hunt for them?

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