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User Info: Rievers

5 years ago#11
Sn0o0ze posted...
ivan11235 posted...
Sn0o0ze posted...
Next up is space exploration....

Might be fun but there's no way I'll ever pay a monthly fee to play a game...

Anyway I was thinking of a game like Freelancer...

I find this hilarious to be quite honest. The closest game to Freelancer is probably EvE Online, which is probably one of the best MMOs available on the market, and is essentially free once you know how to make it free.

Starfarer is pretty damn good so far, not quite the same but does give me that whole "epic spacefighting" feel.

User Info: Vuud

5 years ago#12

I only found out about this a week ago, but kinda glad I discovered it so close to release, so not much anxious waiting.

User Info: snoognz123

5 years ago#13
I got my pre-order on GOG but it's not out yet even though reviews are out and they are good.
Assumption is the mother of all stuff ups.
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