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User Info: Gaming4dummies

5 years ago#1

Gotta say, game looks amazing. Day 1 purchase for certain!
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User Info: Xenoslayer33

5 years ago#2
Agreed! I'm a little concerned about there just being three classes though...
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User Info: RoboFFL2

5 years ago#3
Well even with three classes there are plenty of customization options between them, especially the Mage. However I'm not sure if you will be able to grab most or all the skills by the time you finish the dungeon, so it could be limiting based on just how many skill points you can get.
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User Info: brentsonier

5 years ago#4
agh i wouldn't worry. there will be mods eventually. and im sure the developer will expand on it.

User Info: kozzy1234

5 years ago#5

Game is amazing, get it!

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