Finally, a true Successor to Dungeon Master

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User Info: Zander

5 years ago#1
I've been waiting for 25 years for a true successor and finally one is here (I did not like the sequel). So stoked for tomorrow.

I remember seeing an add for Dungeon Master back in an issue of Dragon Magazine I had just bought. My buddy picked it up soon after for his Apple IIgs and we played the hell out of that game for the rest of the summer. Such a great game.

Really it seems the only thing that this game is missing it the beginning Hall of Champions. Which to be honest I WILL miss but overall it shouldn't detract from the enjoyment of playing the rest of the game.

PS. Does every time someone reference Eye of the Beholder or any of the Might and Magic series in a LoG review make your skin crawl? The only things those games share with LoG is the first person perspective at best. I'm not sure why but that bugs the hell out of me, it let's me know that the people spouting these references never played any of the games.
Indeed, watching the minutes tick by until Steam will let me download it. Reviews are looking pretty good as well, only the priest class is missing by the looks of things. And that potions are made with ingredients you find, not spells.

Gawd knows how many hours, days, weeks I lost to Dungeon Master and Chaos Strikes Back in my youth. Wasn't keen on Dungeon Master II either, mainly because it ran so slowly on my Amiga that it was struggle to play at times.

I can see why people would mention Eye of the Beholder in reviews as it was basically Dungeon Master with a D&D overlay, don't think I played any of the Might & Magic series myself though. There was also another decent fantasy dungeon crawler around at the time that I forget the name of, think it was by the team who later released the sci-fi crawler Captive (assuming that because they both had similar interfaces I think or maybe my memory is playing up).
Nil Satis Nisi Optimum
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