How many missions?

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User Info: Whisnant2005

5 years ago#1
How many like, "sets" of missions are there?
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User Info: Vegerunks

5 years ago#2
In Arcade mode there are 6 Routes each interchangeable and each has 3-4 EX missions + their original 8

Then there's like 5-6 Trial mission mode difficulties/routes which the first one has like 15 missions the 2nd has 30+ and the 6th has like 9? idk how many the others have but there's a lot of "missions" you can do.
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User Info: superange128

5 years ago#3
3rd-5th also have 30-40 why-gundam-extreme-vs-is-the- best-anime+based-game- ever-made

User Info: Whisnant2005

5 years ago#4
Thanks, I should have said trial missions, sorry
Gamertag: BlairWhisnant

User Info: genIon

5 years ago#5
ARCADE = 82 missions more or less...
Trial Mission Mode = 350 missions more or less...
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