Poll: did your game crash?

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User Info: yami_riku

5 years ago#11

User Info: bodrock

5 years ago#12
I wonder if it's the hardware? I have a 3DS XL and nothing except slight hiccups, but no crashes iirc....

User Info: Buttery_Toast

5 years ago#13
Okay, up until 17 hours I had no problems. But it crashed when i tried to open the door in PEC for the first time. Thankfully, I didn't save inside so the second go around it worked fine.
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User Info: BahamutZero92

5 years ago#14
I had like one crash in the PEC room when I tried to do the door puzzle.

None otherwise so far.
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User Info: JLeeT82

5 years ago#15
3DS - saved while in PEC - black screen on loading - saved game gone - 20+ hours gone.

User Info: Master_Z13

5 years ago#16
I'm 40 hours into it and haven't had a single issue. I have some minor gripes though. First, the 3DS version (don't know about Vita) lags when I am looking around a large puzzle room. There are also numerous words misspelled. I avoided the PEC room path but still save in puzzle rooms sometimes. If my save somehow gets erased , I'm done with Aksys and this series.

User Info: Oktoberfest

5 years ago#17
crashed while in PEC when i went to open the safe to complete the stage, lol. save does not load. lost about 7 hours. hadn't heard about this problem until i went to this forum to see if other people had the problem after i got it
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User Info: Nightblade X

Nightblade X
5 years ago#18
Had two crashes, both in the PEC room door puzzle. Luckily my save wasn't corrupted...

User Info: rubenz_d

5 years ago#19
I got crashed in PEC room too just right before doing the dot puzzle.

Luckily I saved in the novel section so my save is okay

User Info: TurboGrafx17

5 years ago#20
I've got a lot of endings with 28 hours and I only ran into my game freezing once in the PEC room. I have the 3ds version
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