Anyone playing this?

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User Info: cody4783

4 years ago#11
I think my topic further down the board was the last time I played. Over a year ago now.

Well, seriously anyway. I launched the game and played for like 20 minutes yesterday, but it's the first time I've even launched it for a very, very long time. Just looking at my download folder, the last version I really played was .2.0g.

Upon launching it yesterday I ended up on the road leading out of town to the South-west...After like 10 minutes of walking it was a "Well, damn, too late to turn back", so I kept going and eventually went from fully awake to passing out, and subsequently died. Last time I played that wasn't even there AFAIK, I remember the giant apartment buildings being "New". :S

User Info: Kilikan5670

4 years ago#12
Got it recently. Died twice, but doing quite well this third run. Minus the beginning where I spent almost 2 days running from zombies(managed to find some sleep in between running). Ran from my house into a hotel(which set off an alarm pulling in zombies), then ran into the forests. Luckily found a place to hole up for awhile and eventually moved to a new place. No worries for water for a long while as the new place has a sink to drink from. Just gotta go out to find food. Definitely not going back into a town unless I really need to. I love this game. :D
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