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User Info: Mystadon

6 years ago#1
Not exactly 'great' due to its length and the fact that there really isn't a big list of songs as everyone mentions. It's like Dead-Block where you only listen to about three different songs and they're repeated throughout the game in different ways/times. Don't get me wrong, the music is great and makes the game for what it is, without it I believe the game would downright fail.

The gameplay could be fixed by giving you a proper dodging tool. For those that played and know what I mean when you're faced with a shooter behind a guy with a shield. There's no way you'll make it past the shield guy without dying to down the shooter. This can lead to frustrating gameplay.

Co-Op is a lot funner than Single-player, the game is about 2hours long unless you rush it, then maybe 1hour 1 1/2.

Trophies are insanely easy to achieve, so those who want a quick Platinum, this game's for you.

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