What difficulty will you first play on?

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User Info: Holy_Oblivion

5 years ago#21
Normal. Only reason I never play on hard is because of the inflated compendium prices.
"Screw the three way mission. I cant beat off that many guys." -The Wheelman1

User Info: Xynz

5 years ago#22

User Info: IronMonkey008

5 years ago#23
I don't remember how the harder difficulty was in P4, was it something stupid like in Nocturne where the only really big change was the double compendium prices ? If that is the case I will just stick to normal since that isn't making it harder and is only adding needless grinding.
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User Info: KuzuryuSubaru

5 years ago#24
One level before Normal. I got my ass kicked on P3P halfway through the game on Normal, so I played on easy.
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User Info: Code_Geass_CC

5 years ago#25
The game doesn't matter, I always choose Normal. First playthrough to beat the game, second playthrough to 100% the game on hard, third playthrough to finally do all the hard stuff. Being a Persona 4 fanboy I might actually play on the hardest difficulty assuming we get insane mode again. I never bother with challenge modes since I only play games for story and to have fun, but seeing as how this is Persona 4 I'll definitely give it a shot.
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User Info: KOFXIII

5 years ago#26
i play on the difficulty the SMT games always make me: Hard

User Info: Jsn02682

5 years ago#27
I did P3P on Hard and honestly, the battles were great fun. The only thing I HATED was the stupidly high priced compendium which made it very close to impossible to fuse what you wanted to. Then again, I never really had a problem in battle with the fusions I made....

Tough call. I'll probably just do Hard though on the basis that I expect P4G to be as easy as the original P4.
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User Info: Super Slash

Super Slash
5 years ago#28
Normal, most likely.

User Info: Crok425

5 years ago#29
There are 5 diffs in this game:

Safety: You take it in a breeze.
Easy: Like in the original maybe
Normal: Balanced
Hard: Take it seriously
Risky: Take it as your life depends on it o_O XP

I always chose normal in SMT games... since Altus makes tricky games... I never played one in Hard setting -_- although, The Answer counts as hard...
I will choose safety, so I can get all the Personas I had in the original P4, then I would choose normal again, or hard maybe... or risky... though... beating Margaret will be a pain in the ass -_-
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