Im watching the anime and im finding the characters way more unlikable

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  3. Im watching the anime and im finding the characters way more unlikable

User Info: Semi45a

5 years ago#91
well they made Yu choose the dialogue options of an ass just to get him a "personality"

User Info: Mightymega

5 years ago#92
Strain42 posted...
Well that depends on what you mean by not comedy. There are a lot of great shows that aren't made specifically to be comedies, but still manage to be funny.

Burn Notice is a pretty good example of that.

If it came on before WWE raw I might watch it, but since it comes on after it most of the time I usually have to go in for work.
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User Info: ikilledkenny2

5 years ago#93
What they did to Kanji's dungeon was just atrocious. They added those jokes about Yu and Yosuke not even going to save him because the dungeon made them uncomfortable, the girls slipping on the water, some other stuff I cant remember atm.

Basically they took a serious issue and made a huge **** joke out of Kanji, and that is when I dropped the anime. Shame because the game is one of my all time favorites.

User Info: Baalji_Baalstar

5 years ago#94
Oh no, the anime that is based on an anime game uses the exact same joke that the game did? Mind you, the game itself used Kanji as a joke after the dungeon, but the anime just brings everything to its logical conclusion. Now that you're not actually playing the game, but watching the story move along by itself, you see how the problems are magnified without the gameplay.
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User Info: ikilledkenny2

5 years ago#95
No, the difference between the anime and the game is that during Kanji's dungeon, everyone understands that, well, Kanji will be killed if they don't save him. At the time, no one cares if he's gay, or about his shadow or anything. Yosuke makes like one comment about it, and that's it.

They use his homosexuality as a joke a grand time of once(at the camping trip, and that's it.) It's completely different from making jokes during the actual serious part of the game where theyre going to save Kanji and help him come to terms with himself. There's no comic relief at all in that dungeon unless you're just laughing at Shadow Kanji which I guess is silly in a way but it still seriously portrays his fear. The anime makes both Yu and Yosuke look like homophobic dicks by considering not saving him because of how his dungeon is, or the nice/tough guy shadows speaking in stupid engrish, or Yosuke asking Yu to film the girls after they slipped. Or how Yu records each episode of the Midnight Channel(or tries to) despite it showing the victims' deepest fears and emotions. It's just stupid. They really made a joke out of the game with all the stupid comic relief added(another great example is the ramen chase scene, wtf was that ****.)

The anime also has an atrocious amount of QUALITY, didn't even try with the social links either. I understand they cant possibly fit all of them in full, but what they did with Naoki's s link was just pathetic.

tl;dr p4a is a TERRIBLE adaptation of an excellent game dont watch it

User Info: CaptainDelphi

5 years ago#96
I just watch the anime because it's something to watch. Anyways, I have to say that I agree with TC's opinion on the characters in the anime. I find the anime to just be terribly mediocre and if I hadn't played the game beforehand I wouldn't have even bothered watching it after the first episode to see how it would differ from the game.

@ikilledkenny2, I know what you mean. I really liked how they handled Yosuke, Chie and Yukiko's shadow scene and I was looking forward to Kanji's so when I saw how they handled it, I was really disappointed, almost angry even. They basically turned the whole thing into a joke.

I just think that the anime can't hold on on it's own. The music is nice though.

User Info: kaliskonig

5 years ago#97
Well honestly I watch it for the music and just to see how things translate into anime form. It is an ok show that I would have likely dropped by now if I wasn't a fan of p4. I mean but the thing is alot of you guys were honestly expecting to much from a 25episode adaption of a 70hour game. add to that P4's story is one of those that really don't translate well in other formats simply because it is slow and predictable. In the game it was acceptable with how clueless and dumb the cast came off when gathering to "investigate" the murders. but now in the anime it just comes off as horrible story writing.
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  3. Im watching the anime and im finding the characters way more unlikable

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